Interview with Julie Roys on Redeeming the Feminine Soul

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What is the scriptural vision for godly womanhood and manhood? How should the feminine soul be biblically nurtured? What is the clarity between feminist and fundamentalist?

Bible Gateway interviewed Julie Roys (@reachjulieroys) about her book, Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood (Thomas Nelson, 2017).

How do feminine souls and masculine souls differ?

Julie Roys: For years, I didn’t think they did. I was a quintessential tomboy growing up and loved playing sports and competing against boys. I also loved debating issues and sparring intellectually. I was a Christian and believed God had created men and women for unique purposes, but I had trouble figuring out what those purposes were. Other than our anatomy, it seemed like women and men were pretty much the same—at least when considering people like me who never really fit a gender stereotype.

Then God allowed me to go through a very painful experience that showed me I was far more feminine than I ever would have imagined. I realized that I had a strong craving for relationship and intimacy—and when I didn’t get it, I resorted to a stereotypically feminine way of trying to get it.

This experience sparked a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual journey that eventually led me to see that women embody nurture and relational connectedness in a way that’s unique to them. Conversely, men embody initiation and strength in a way that’s unique to them. This is revealed in numerous Scriptures, but perhaps most explicitly in the gender-specific curses in Genesis 3. God causes women to experience pain in childbirth, and men to be frustrated as they work and try to take dominion over nature. Yet, neither women nor men fit neatly into the gendered caricatures the church often communicates to them. We’re far more complex than that.



Julie explains more about womanhood, gender, and sexuality in her upcoming book “Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.” Order now!


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