James MacDonald Recording Reveals Ungodly Evangelical “Celebrity Machine”

About two weeks ago, Mancow Muller aired vile, recorded comments by James MacDonald on his Chicago radio show on WLS/AM890. This shocked the Christian community and prompted Harvest Bible Chapel to fire MacDonald. Yet MacDonald’s comments apparently didn’t shock Johnnie Moore. Moore, a leading evangelical who sits on the board of the National Association of

Soft Media Coverage of Gospel for Asia’s $37 Million Settlement Shows Need for Hard-Hitting Blogs

We live in a world of spin. But nowhere could this spin be more pronounced than in news reports released yesterday about Gospel for Asia’s (GFA) massive settlement with donors who alleged that the ministry conned them and stole their money. According to a CBN News report, which quoted spin-doctor Johnnie Moore at length, the

Three Harvest Staff Do Not Confirm Sexual Abuse Claim Against James MacDonald, but Others Indicate Alleged Incident Was Well-Known

UPDATE: Sandy Song has written a response to this article, which is posted with permission at the bottom of this page. Three staff at Harvest Bible Chapel are not confirming an account by a former Harvest worship leader that founding Pastor James MacDonald, who was fired from the church last week, touched her inappropriately while

HBC Naples Interim Pastor States Cardinal Rule of Elders: “Never Share Dissension or Disagreement to the Church or Publicly”

Given that Harvest Bible Chapel is allowing its Naples campus to return to being an autonomous church, many have wondered why John Secrest, the founding pastor of that church who was fired by Harvest, is not being invited back. On Sunday, interim Pastor Russell Taylor gave the answer. Apparently, Secrest broke the cardinal rule of abusive

Mancow Interview: Former Worship Leader at Harvest Accuses James MacDonald of Inappropriately Touching Her on Private Plane

This morning on Mancow Muller’s radio show on WLS/AM 890, Anne Green, a former worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel, accused Harvest founder and senior pastor, James MacDonald, of touching her leg near her crotch during a trip on a private plane in 2005. The plane reportedly was one that MacDonald formerly shared with Bill

Chairman of Harvest’s Elder Board Resigns; Executive Committee to Resign Soon

Admitting that they had “collectively failed” to oversee the church properly, the five-member executive committee of elders at Harvest Bible Chapel tonight announced that they will all be resigning over the next few months and a replacement executive committee will be put in place. Also today, Ron Duitsman—a member of the executive committee and chairman