Seeking Truth: Christian Terrorism Expert Warns Against Admitting Refugees

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Christians are divided over whether to support President Trump’s tighter limits and restrictions on refugees coming into the country.  Some say Trump’s harder line violates Jesus’ commandment to welcome the stranger, while others say it’s necessary to protect citizens, which is government’s God-given role. I’ll discuss the issue with Christian leaders on both sides of the debate on my radio show Up For Debate. But in advance of that discussion, I interviewed Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian who grew up in a Muslim country and is considered one of the leading terrorism experts in the world.

About Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is one of the leading terrorism experts in the world providing information and analysis on the rise of global Islamic terrorism. She has addressed the United Nations, members of the U.S. Congress, The Pentagon, The US Special Operations Command, the FBI, and many others. She serves on the board of advisors of the Intelligence Summit. Ms. Gabriel is Founder and Chairman of ACT for America, the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S. with over 500,000 members and 1,000 chapters nationwide dedicated to preserving national security and promoting Western values. She is the author of two New York Times Best Sellers, “BECAUSE THEY HATE: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America,” and “THEY MUST BE STOPPED: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it.” Ms. Gabriel was knighted in Europe in 2016 for her international work on fighting terrorism and standing up for Western Values.


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