Moody Professors Protest: Will Sign Chicago Statement but it “Means Nothing to Me”

Several Bible and theology professors at the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) are openly protesting the board’s decision about a month ago to adopt the Short Statement of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and to require all faculty to sign it. The professors, who all served on an ad-hoc committee on inerrancy, voiced their opposition

Do All MBI Professors Affirm Inerrancy? It Depends on Your Definition

Do all the professors at the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) affirm biblical inerrancy? This question has been hotly debated ever since I reported that one of several allegations against the previous administration was that it allowed professors who deny inerrancy to teach at the institute. Less than a week after that post, three of MBI’s top

What Does the Bible Say About Forgiveness?

We’ve all faced the situation sometime in our lives. Someone has sinned against us, but he’s not sorry. He may not even admit the offense. So, what do we do?  Author and Pastor Remy Diederich says we forgive unconditionally. “To forgive means to not give your offender what they deserve: justice,” he writes. “We call

How Do I Discern God’s Will?

While researching for today’s program, I came across this video on “How Do I Discern God’s Will?” on a YouTube Channel called, “The Spiritual Howcast.” I really like this guy. I appreciate how he talks to both Christians and non-Christians at the same time. And, I like how he explains spiritual issues in a clever

Why Discuss The Possibility of an Islamic Antichrist?

Does it really matter what religion or nationality the Antichrist will be? Isn’t speculating about his identity just a distraction from the gospel? Worse yet, couldn’t identifying him as Muslim actually stir up anti-Islamic fervor? These are some of the comments I’ve heard this past week as I’ve announced this Saturday’s Up For Debate on whether