5 Ways Christians Should Judge

It happened when I posted something to social media lamenting author Jen Hatmaker’s disastrous decision to affirm gay unions. It happened again when I criticized a Saturday Night Live writer for attacking Barron Trump, the 10-year-old son of the president. Truth is, it happens anytime I make a judgment about anything or anyone. “Christians are

My Top Ten Articles of 2016

Thanks so much for making 2016 a banner year for my blog, where more than one million people visited. Not surprisingly, three of my most popular blog articles this year focused on the presidential election — and a fourth argued why socialism is not Christian. Other articles in the top 10 explored Obama’s transgender bathroom issue;

Oh Come Let Us Adore… Family? What Skipping Church on Christmas Really Means

Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, which has some churchgoers in a tizzy. They were looking forward to opening presents in their pajamas, eating a big breakfast, and showering after noon. And they’re quite perturbed that church will be disrupting their normal Christmas routine. Some pastors aren’t especially thrilled either. They were looking forward

Remembering 9-11, 15 Years Later

Like most of you, I will never forget the morning of 9-11. I was at my parent’s home in Kentucky, caring for my mother, who was dying from cancer. I was in the kitchen getting her some tea when she called for me to come. The tone of her voice told me something was wrong

Guest Post: Should We Forgive God?

Today, people commonly talk about forgiving God. But, is this idea biblical? This question surfaced last Saturday on my radio show, Up For Debate, and sparked passionate dialogue. Interestingly, my guest, who maintained that forgiveness is unconditional, argued that we can forgive God. But, author and Pastor Chris Brauns, who believes forgiveness is conditional, argued

Six Free Apps to Boost Your Spiritual Life

While millions are glued to their cell phones playing Pokemon Go this summer, you can actually use your phone to do something productive – to grow spiritually and to advance the kingdom of God! Thanks to ingenious phone apps developed for Christians, you can listen to sermons from world-renown preachers, discover new ways to memorize

Should Churches Baptize Infants? Two Views

For centuries, Protestants have been divided over infant baptism. Some denominations, like Presbyterians, Anglicans and Lutherans, engage in the practice. Others, like Baptists, Mennonites and Brethren, which descend from Anabaptist and English Baptist traditions, do not. My ancestors on my father’s side were Anabaptists from Switzerland, who fled to America to escape persecution in their

Understanding Millennial Christians: An Interview with Carson Nyquist

Millennial Christians: They’re more likely to accept gay rights, support Black Lives Matter, drink alcohol and get tattoos. And quite frankly, they’re an enigma to much of my generation. So, this Saturday, I’ve invited several Millennial Christians to join me in studio to discuss our differences on Up For Debate. I also interviewed Carson Nyquist,