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Chapel Message at Grove City College: The Virtue of Hope

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking on the virtue of hope at the student chapel at Grove City College, a Christian liberal arts school in Western Pennsylvania. My niece and nephew are seniors at Grove, which made the experience especially meaningful for me. In fact, they picked the topic for this message when we were together over Christmas.

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Christian Living

2015 Highlights

2015 was quite a year. Millions of people visited my blog, thousands more tuned in to Up for Debate, and I launched “Seeking Truth,” a

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Christian Living

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? Christian Moms Weigh In

Halloween: Is it a pagan day of death and occult that Christians should avoid? Or, is it an opportunity to reach non-Christians and to enjoy our communities? Christians are divided on how to approach this controversial holiday. And, this Saturday, I’ll discuss the controversy on Up For Debate with two pastors with divergent views. In the meantime, I surveyed several moms who are Christian leaders to see how their families celebrate – or don’t celebrate – Halloween. I’d love to hear what your family does, as well!

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