Do All MBI Professors Affirm Inerrancy? It Depends on Your Definition

Do all the professors at the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) affirm biblical inerrancy? This question has been hotly debated ever since I reported that one of several allegations against the previous administration was that it allowed professors who deny inerrancy to teach at the institute. Less than a week after that post, three of MBI’s top

National Geographic’s “Saints & Strangers” Honors Pious Pilgrims & Native Americans

 “After watching that movie last night, I actually was excited for history class today!” So said my 13-year-old daughter after viewing a pre-released DVD of National Geographic Channel’s Saints and Strangers – a four-hour television movie event that airs tonight and tomorrow. To fully appreciate my daughter’s comment, you should know that history is my daughter’s

Ignorance is Bliss in a World of “Trigger Warnings”

Should college professors refrain from discussing abortion because the topic might upset someone in their classroom? After all, what if a student has had an abortion? Understandably, a discussion like this might trigger strong emotions and make the student feel trapped. Perhaps, if potentially offensive topics like abortion are going to be broached, professors should warn students in

What the Government Knows and is Sharing About Your Child

If your child attends a public school, his test scores, learning disabilities,  attendance record – even beliefs and values – could become public knowledge!  That’s because the federal government has begun a massive student data mining, storing, and sharing initiative that’s part of the new Common Core Standards.  The initiative began about four years ago. 

Wheaton College Corrects Course

Today, Wheaton College officially changed an obscure education document – a move that likely escaped the notice of most in the evangelical community. Yet, Wheaton’s revision of its conceptual framework for its teacher education program marks a significant course correction for the evangelical flagship. The previous document revealed an uncritical acceptance of social justice as

Finding a Truly Christian College

            It’s mid-April and my son, like scores of other high school seniors, has less than two weeks to decide which college he’ll attend.  He knows he wants to attend a Christian college – a decision his father and I heartily affirm.              We understand how significantly peers and professors influence students during this time of

Sex-Ed – in Kindergarten?

Public schools across America soon will be teaching sex-ed to kindergarteners!  That is, if several national health and sex education groups get their way.  These groups are proposing new national standards for sex education that they’re urging all schools to adopt.  Already, five states have inquired about the new standards.   And, the Chicago Public Schools

Will Americans Lose the Right to Homeschool?

             Do parents have a fundamental right to educate their children as they see fit?  Apparently, the U.S. Government doesn’t think so.             The government revealed its shocking view in an appellate court brief filed recently by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  The brief concerned a German family seeking political asylum in the U.S. so it