Weinstein’s Fall Should Lead to Repentance, Not Gloating

Top Hollywood executive and darling of the Left, Harvey Weinstein, has fallen from grace and some conservatives are outright gloating. Commentator Ann Coulter ripped into actress Meryl Streep for her apparent hypocrisy.  Streep had denounced supporters of President Trump during her Golden Globe acceptance speech, but had fawned over Weinstein, even referring to him once

Conference Equips Church to Engage a Changing Culture

How do you respond when a church member comes out of the closet? What’s the best way to keep Millennials from leaving the church? And, how can the church prepare for what’s certain to be a drop in giving in coming years? These are the kinds of difficult issues pastors and church leaders are facing today. And, this why Moody Bible Institute this week is hosting its first-ever Engage the Culture Conference. I am excited and honored to be emceeing this event, and in advance of the conference, I interviewed Moody Bible Institute President Dr. Paul Nyquist to learn more about the thinking and strategy behind this new, cutting-edge conference.

#TheologyAndUnityMatter: A Better Way to Fight Racism & Injustice

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is facing sharp criticism because it promoted Black Lives Matter at its Urbana 15 student missions conference last week, but spe­cifically excluded to two student pro-life groups. In an op-ed in the Christian Post, Students For Life President Kristan Hawkins and Rock for Life President Erik Whittington wrote: “While InterVarsity denied Students

Can Catholics be Evangelical?

An Evangelical Catholic may sound like an oxymoron to some. But today, thousands of Catholics consider themselves to be Evangelical. Like Protestant Evangelicals, they highly regard the Bible; emphasize Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as the means of redemption for all humanity; think faith should be expressed in missionary and social reform efforts; and perhaps

Is Evangelical Immigration Table a Front Group for George Soros?

            Is the Evangelical Immigration Table – a coalition of liberal and conservative evangelical groups – actually a front group for George Soros and the institutional Left?  Last week, Breitbart dot com – a leading conservative news website – leveled that accusation.  Now, evangelicals associated with the Table – like Russell Moore of the Southern

Dinesh D’Souza Resigns After Shooting Messenger

 Dinesha D’Souza (2016 Movie; “What’s So Great About Christianity”; “The Enemy at Home”) just resigned as president of The King’s College after WORLD magazine reported his indiscretions regarding a woman who is not his wife.  You can read the details in the articles below. I’m shocked and saddened that this great mind succumbed to the very

NAE and the Bad Fruit of Worldly Compromise

          Imagine taking a bite of cantelope and tasting something like a cucumber.  Yuck!  Apparently, though, that’s what happens when cantelope grows too close to cucumber and the plants cross-pollinate.  The initial cantelope is okay; but its seeds produce a flavorless cucumber-melon hybrid.              I fear that’s what’s happened to us evangelicals. We’ve lived so