Lessons I Learned Writing “Wheaton’s Gay, Celibate Christian”

Tweet PART ONE OF A TWO-PART SERIES: Last week, WORLD Magazine published an article of mine that was one of the most difficult articles I’ve ever written. It concerned Wheaton College’s hire of Julie Rodgers, a 28-year-old “gay, celibate Christian,” to work as a ministry associate in its Chaplain’s Office. Julie, by all accounts, is

Wheaton’s ‘gay celibate Christian’ – WORLD Magazine feature by Julie Roys

An article I wrote for WORLD just posted to its website. It concerns a “gay, celibate Christian” hired by Wheaton College to provide spiritual care for students, including those in Refuge, a community group for students with same-sex attraction. Her views are raising red flags for some Wheaton friends and supporters. Read WORLD article here

The Most Misquoted Verse in Scripture

I’m convinced one of the most misquoted verses in all of Scripture is Galatians 3:28. Biblical feminists call this passage “The Magna Carta of Humanity.” And, they use it to argue that, in Christ, all gender distinctions are abolished.  Yet, this interpretation of the verse is fundamentally flawed. The verse states, “There is neither Jew nor

Why the Evangelical “Obsession” with Homosexuality is Good

Evangelicals are obsessed with homosexuality. At least, that’s what popular blogger Rachel Held Evans thinks and she’s leaving evangelicalism, as a result. Evans said she “watched with horror” as evangelicals dropped their support of World Vision after the organization announced it would hire people in gay marriages.  She was similarly horrified when World Vision reversed its

Why Women Feel “Betrayed” By Their Bodies

Why would a woman feel “the oppressiveness of her biology” and “betrayed by (her) body” simply because she’s pregnant? Okay, I admit I rarely experienced morning sickness, so my perspective is probably somewhat skewed. But even so, I always delighted in my pregnant body. Sure, it had its challenges, but those were nothing compared to

Is Choosing Surrogacy Okay?

           She’s 58 and post-menopausal.  But, next month, Utah resident Julia Navarro plans to give birth to her own granddaughter!  Navarro reportedly volunteered to have her daughter and son-in-law’s embryo implanted in her womb after her daughter’s attempts to have children proved unsuccessful.     No doubt, Ms. Navarro’s actions show great sacrifice and devotion to her

Why Did God Create the Sexes?

Why did God create the sexes? Was it merely for procreation? Or, do sex and gender point to some deeper – perhaps even spiritual – reality?I recently posed this question to Suzannah Paul, a proponent of so-called “biblical feminism.” She rejected the notion that God created male and female to complement each other and reflect

Are Christians “Haters”?

           Apparently, simply standing for traditional marriage now makes organizations “hate groups.”  At least, that’s the impression a soldier got during a recent training session at Camp Shelby in Mississippi.  The soldier reported that the instructor at that session told several dozen U.S. troops that the American Family Association, a respected Christian ministry, is a

Why Wear Clothes?

          Why do people wear clothes?  This may seem a strange question.  But, as I’ve read numerous blogs about modesty recently, it strikes me that no one’s considering, let alone answering this fundamental question.              The topic of modesty is hot right now, following Jessica Rey’s provocative talk at the Q Conference on bikinis.  Rey