Talking to the Media: What are the Rules?

  In the wake of my articles last week addressing what I believe are serious worldview issues at Wheaton College, I have received several e-mails.  And, as is often the case, the writer assumes that his or her e-mail is private. Given that these individuals don’t regularly interact with journalists, I understand that and always

Faith in The News

I was honored to be included with some very talented and successful journalists in a Wheaton Magazine article about “how and why Wheaton alumni in journalism are fulfilling the call to bring their faith to work.” Read the full article on the Wheaton Magazine website.   EXCERPT Today… Christian journalists enter a new era. Even as every media organization

When Truth Hurts: Should Christian Journalists Expose Fellow Christians?

This article was originally published as an op-ed by Julie Roys in The Christian Post. Should Christian journalists expose sin and error within the Body of Christ? Or, do such reports simply discredit Christian leaders and damage the Church’s witness? I have been asked this question numerous times over my career. Many times, I suspect, believers

Lessons I Learned Writing “Wheaton’s Gay, Celibate Christian” Part 2: The State of Christian Journalism

Tweet PART TWO OF A TWO-PART SERIES: A couple of days ago, I shared some of my thoughts on how Christians are thinking through the gay issue in the aftermath of my WORLD article. I’m continuing to mull over those thoughts and others as more Christian leaders weigh in on this discussion. I especially appreciated Owen