Soft Media Coverage of Gospel for Asia’s $37 Million Settlement Shows Need for Hard-Hitting Blogs

We live in a world of spin. But nowhere could this spin be more pronounced than in news reports released yesterday about Gospel for Asia’s (GFA) massive settlement with donors who alleged that the ministry conned them and stole their money. According to a CBN News report, which quoted spin-doctor Johnnie Moore at length, the

“I Felt Like I Arrived in Heaven” — How Kids Alive Offers Hope to Vulnerable Children

“I felt like I had arrived in heaven.”  That’s how Rosanny (“Nani”) Adames de Hernandez, a 28-year-old Dominican, described her arrival at the ANIJA school in the Dominican town of Jarabacoa when she was just six-years-old. Prior to coming to ANIJA, Nani spent her days cleaning her two aunt’s homes, while her mother was at a nearby river, washing

Missionaries or Colonialists?

Were most white missionaries of the past 200 years colonialists? Recently, I attended a Christian conference and heard Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, an author and professor at North Park University, claim: “If you’ve never had a non-white mentor in your life, you’re not a missionary; you’re a colonialist. You’re going to colonize the Third World –

Is the Gospel Ethnocentric?

           Missionaries are destroying indigenous cultures.  At least, that’s what many anthropologists would have you believe.  Sure, missionaries help indigenous people by offering medical and dental services.  But, by spreading the gospel, some say they’re obliterating origin myths and native religions. As one Brazilian activist lamented, “(Some native tribes) no longer worship shamans because missionaries

Short-Term O-Missions?

By Julie Roys This week, my son joined the millions of Americans who venture outside the United States each year on a short-term missions trip. I have to admit, as a mom, two months hardly seems like a short term. But, it is and I take great comfort that July 28 will be here before