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Three Ways to Help Your Kids Make the Most of Summer

Parents today seem torn between two extreme parenting styles, and this tension is especially evident when it comes to summer schedules. On one end of the spectrum is the helicopter parent. This parent waits by the sidelines all day at soccer camp, armed with a water bottle, Neosporin, and clean clothes – just in case she is needed during the day. On the other end of the spectrum is the free-range parent. This parent would never enroll her child in an organized camp, but instead lets her children roam the neighborhood all day. That is, until they draw blood or catch something on fire.
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4 Ways to Tell If Your Christian School is Truly Teaching a Christian Worldview

Our culture is becoming increasingly hostile toward the Christian worldview, and now more than ever, Christian schools must equip students to think biblically and to reject errant worldviews. Your child’s Christian school may already be doing this. However, if you are uncertain, take time to meet with the school administration. Approach the meeting with a spirit of humility and grace, but be bold in the questions that you ask. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answers you receive. However, if it becomes apparent that your Christian school is not offering a distinctly Christian education, it may be time to change schools.
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Navigating Dating With Your Teen

We had a great discussion about how Christians should date last Saturday on Up For Debate. However, one topic we didn’t get to discuss was…
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Moms in Crisis: Two Views

Moms today are facing a major crisis. At least, that was the consensus among my two guests last Saturday on Up For Debate. But, authors…
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Is Motherhood Enough?

Young mothers beware! If you allow motherhood to dominate your life, it will suck your passions dry, make you lose your identity, and lead to misery…

Couple Charged With Murder for Loving the Unlovable

What could possibly compel a couple to adopt a child who’s “not good-looking” and doesn’t share his or her “hereditary traits”?  So puzzled investigators in…
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Why I Believe in Limited Church

If you’re a conservative, you likely subscribe to the notion of limited government. But, do you believe in limited church, as well? Now, that may…
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