Why No School Has To Obey Obama’s Bathroom Decree

No school has to allow transgender students in the bathrooms of the opposite sex, regardless of what President Obama says. That’s according to Matt Sharp, legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom or ADF. Sharp said President Obama’s sweeping directive telling schools they must allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice “violates

Five Ways to Help Persecuted Christians

Christian Persecution has reached an “unprecedented” high with an average of 11 Christians being killed every hour. That’s according to a Catholic Bishop, who this week warned the Irish Government’s Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs about the alarming trend. “Christianity is now the world’s most oppressed religious group,” Bishop John McAreavey said, “with persecution against them

I am Charlie – and Kelvin Cochran

Muslim extremists have initiated a new reign of terror in France and freedom lovers worldwide are rightly outraged. Millions gathered in Paris and other French cities Sunday chanting, “Je suis Charlie!” (“I am Charlie”), proclaiming solidarity with the satirical magazine where 10 staff were murdered. Western journalists, too, universally condemned this latest attempt to suppress free

Natalie Grant Walked Out. Would You?

    I never knew simply walking out of an event could cause such a fuss. But, when Natalie Grant, who was nominated for two Grammy Awards, walked out of Sunday’s Grammy’s, she ignited a firestorm.      Several media outlets speculated that Natalie left to protest the event’s strong pro-gay activism. And soon, dozens of pro-gay

A New Age of Christian Persecution?

Every now and then, an event rouses Americans from their apathy concerning worldwide persecution of Christians. Iran’s planned execution of a pastor for refusing to renounce his faith is one such event. Yet, though this pastor’s situation has grabbed headlines, it’s not unique – nor rare. A whopping 105,000 Christians are killed each year for

Will Christians Survive “New Egypt”?

What will happen to Christians in the “New Egypt”? Will they enjoy unprecedented freedom? Or, as a recent wave of violence suggests, will they be oppressed more than ever? Christians comprise about 10-percent of Egypt’s 84-million citizens. And, many of these Christians actively participated in the democratic uprisings that led to the ouster of the