Meet Alexis Lightcap — The Brave Woman Challenging Transgender Bathrooms

Meet Alexis Lightcap—the brave, young woman taking a stand against her high school’s policy of allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. After a frightening encounter with a boy in the girl’s bathroom, Alexis complained to administrators and was told there was nothing she could do. But Lightcap refused

Wheaton College Corrects Course

Today, Wheaton College officially changed an obscure education document – a move that likely escaped the notice of most in the evangelical community. Yet, Wheaton’s revision of its conceptual framework for its teacher education program marks a significant course correction for the evangelical flagship. The previous document revealed an uncritical acceptance of social justice as

Theft & The Logic of Occupy

            They were best of friends.  But now, the Occupy Wall Street protestors and the Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church have become enemies.  At issue is a gravel lot the church owns that the protestors want.  Since the City of New York ousted the protestors from Zuccotti Park, they’ve been seeking a place to put

Undercover Agent Reveals Horrors of Sex Trafficking

Recently, I interviewed a detective who worked undercover for two Christian human rights groups, infiltrating brothels around the world.  His stories shocked me.  Pimps offered him six-year-old girls to use for his sexual pleasure.  Women imprisoned in brothels told him harrowing accounts of women murdered for trying to escape.  It’s a hard story to hear,

Who’s Responsible For the Poor?

         Eight in 10 evangelical leaders think it’s the government’s responsibility to care for the very poor.  That’s according to a recent Pew Forum Survey and a stunning revelation, given that the Bible never once delegates this responsibility to civil government!             Repeatedly, Scripture enjoins the Church to care for the poor.  Clearly, the New

The Math of Indoctrination

Galileo believed mathematics was the language with which God wrote the universe. Rene Descartes, however, reduced math to simply the means of explaining an impersonal, mechanistic world. But now, math has devolved into a means of indoctrinating children and transforming them into left-leaning social and political activists. You see, thanks to the influx of Leftist

Wheaton College’s Promotion of Social Justice

Under the guise of so-called “social justice,” far left radical theorists like former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers are gaining a foothold in America’s public schools. But, I discovered these same theorists have infiltrated my alma mater, Wheaton College — the school often regarded as the evangelical flagship. Plus, some Wheaton staff are espousing a

Creating Victims in the Name of Justice

By Julie Roys Thomas Sowell is not a victim. Yet, life for him has been anything but easy. Sowell, an African-American, was born in 1930, before the Civil Rights Movement had even begun. His father died when he was young and he was raised by an aunt he believed to be his mother. He grew

Social Justice: Repackaged Marxism

By Julie Roys In a brief two-year period in the nineties, sales of Reisling wine more than tripled. This wasn’t due to any significant change in the wine itself. Rather, the Reisling company simply changed the bottle that housed the wine to an eye-catching cobalt blue. A similar re-packaging is occurring today in the field