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I was honored to be included with some very talented and successful journalists in a Wheaton Magazine article about “how and why Wheaton alumni in journalism are fulfilling the call to bring their faith to work.” Read the full article on the Wheaton Magazine website.



Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.31.08 AMToday… Christian journalists enter a new era. Even as every media organization navigates the rise of digital and social media channels, a 2014 Gallup poll shows that American trust in print, television, and Internet news media is at an all-time low.

This perhaps isn’t surprising, as the digital era has opened the floodgates to throngs of voices, at times lending greater weight—and more social media “hits”—to sensational observations or clever promotion instead of favoring balanced reporting and accurate, thoughtful research.

…Julie Roys ’87, currently the host of Up For Debate, a national talk show on Moody Radio Network, says her experience writing and editing for The Record influenced her decision to become a journalist. “Thanks to Paul Fromer ’79, professor of English and adviser to The Record, I discovered what I believe to be the high calling of a journalist—to tell the truth.”

For her talk show, she brings in guests with differing viewpoints to debate the day’s most salient issues on Moody’s radio waves. Some of the most important debates she has moderated include hot-button issues like gay marriage and immigration.

She says, “My professional commitment has always been to seek the truth, whether reporting news or hosting Up For Debate. That commitment flows directly from my relationship to Christ, who is the Truth.”

This article is adapted from the winter 2015 issue of Wheaton Magazine.
Read the full article, “Faith in the News,” on
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