From “Harlot” to Woman of God: Kay Arthur Shares Her Story of Transformation in “Redeeming the Feminine Soul”

I am so honored that International Bible teacher and founder of Precepts, Kay Arthur, wrote the Forward for my book.  Before meeting her this year, I had no idea the extent of the transformation God had accomplished in her life, but she truly is an example of God’s amazing grace and power.  I hope you get the book and read her whole story, but here’s an excerpt, which I think will really bless you. Enjoy! – Julie

By Kay Arthur

Like many Americans, I grew up in a Christian home and attended church every Sunday. I knew the Ten Commandments. I was baptized and confirmed and, because of that, the church told me I was a Christian. And I believed them. But I didn’t know God—and I found His Bible hard to understand and boring.

As a result, I had no clue about what God said regarding women and our role, nor about marriage. My parents had a great marriage, so all I had to do was do what they did—or so I thought.

At the age of twenty, I walked down the aisle of the church to become Mrs. Frank Thomas Goetz, Jr. Physically I was a virgin, but mentally I was a harlot. Tom was twenty-one with a resume of outstanding achievements. But he was also bipolar, and neither of us knew it. On our honeymoon he sat me down and said, “You are now Mrs. Frank Thomas Goetz, Jr., and these are the things I don’t like about you and want changed.” Bubble burst!

After six years of marriage and two sons, I went to two ministers for counseling. Neither opened the Bible or prayed; they simply told me to leave Tom. Leave I did, and like the country western song I began “looking for love in all the wrong places.” I threw away my convictions one by one, going from man to man and all the while sinking deeper into the pit I was digging with my own hands. When I found out the man I loved was married and had six kids, I didn’t care! Our affair lasted for two years.

I had surrendered everything I once believed and valued for that man’s love. I wasn’t the mother I needed to be to the sons I loved dearly because I wasn’t the woman God ordained me to be. 

As I often say, sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay, and cost you more than you ever intended to pay. Eventually, illicit love—love and affections out of control, not kept within the security fence of God’s commandments, His precepts—exacts a tremendous toll on one’s soul. I didn’t know that then. I was ignorant of the truths so clearly revealed in God’s Word. If I had, I would have handled everything differently—my marriage, my motherhood, my sexuality. 

Graciously, at the age of twenty-nine, God brought me to the end of myself. . . . 

I have a strong passion to warn women not to make the tragic mistakes I made. That’s why I’m so excited about Julie’s book.

I have a strong passion to warn women not to make the tragic mistakes I made and to teach them the transformational truths revealed in God’s Word. That’s why I’m so excited about Julie’s book.

Redeeming the Feminine Soul is not a typical book on womanhood.  I know the Word of God. I’ve written an inductive study on marriage for men, women, and even teens. I’ve written a book on marriage. I’m now eighty-three,  and I’ve been around the block with all the feminist issues. And yet I devoured Julie’s book.

I didn’t want to put it down. I marked it up and wrote notes along with page numbers on the title page so I could go back and digest Julie’s rich insights and get them into my head in order to share what I had learned from her. I’ve marveled at the research on women Julie uncovers, and chuckled as I have considered the wisdom of the One who ordained our womanhood.

The culture may change; our Creator does not. I’ve grieved over the men and women who have bought Satan’s lie, thinking they’ve been liberated, believing they know more than God and can get away with twisting or breaking His commandments, when in reality they go into greater bondage.

At my age, it’s not often I read something—especially about women’s issues—that teaches me something new. But I was amazed by Julie’s book.

Julie’s writing has blown on the hot embers of His truth in my heart and set them so afire that I want every woman to read Redeeming the Feminine Soul. At my age, it’s not often I read something—especially about women’s issues—that teaches me something new. But I was amazed by Julie’s book. She shares so much credible research that shows you why our Creator lays down the parameters He does. There is nothing new under the sun!

I meet so many women, even Christian women, confused about their identity, their callings, and how to navigate life’s many choices.  Julie’s research, coupled with biblical truth, has equipped me to better guide these women, and to communicate to them the liberation that can be ours—the peace, power, and victory we can experience when we live according to our Creator’s Word.

I especially appreciate Julie’s honesty and vulnerability throughout her book. She doesn’t teach biblical truths in an academic way, but instead vulnerably tells her own, often very raw and unvarnished, story as a context for understanding these truths. I firmly believe that when we’re honest and willing to share with others what God has taught us, then the body of Christ is enlightened and strengthened. Redeeming the Feminine Soul is an invaluable, culturally-enlightening tool we all can use to help others discover God’s precepts for life so they can rebuild their lives on the solid rock of truth. It’s never too late with God!

How I pray God will use it to liberate women who have bought the lie of the “prince of this world” and are sabotaging their own womanhood.  Get prepared. Buy several copies for friends and family! You won’t want to risk giving away the one you’ve marked up!




“Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.” Order now! Still 1/3 off the list price!




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3 thoughts on “From “Harlot” to Woman of God: Kay Arthur Shares Her Story of Transformation in “Redeeming the Feminine Soul”

  1. I just got the (Kindle version) of your book and I don’t usually read *Forwards* in books. But, I did read this one and loved Kay Arthur’s testimony. I can’t wait to read the rest of the book :)

  2. Claudia

    I just ordered the kindle version too. I have studied scores of Kay Arthur’s Precept upon Precept Bible studies and they are all so very excellent. God has used her mightily. I am excited to read Julie Roys’ book based on Kay’s enthusiastic recommendation!

  3. Troy

    What a joy to meet Julie and Kay in person today in Chattanooga. I was hesitant to show up for the book signing with four little ones in tow but they made us feel right at home. Thank you ladies. I believe the kids mother will enjoy reading the gift of Julie’s new book and I look forward to listening to your future broadcast.

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