Healthy Manhood & Womanhood Revealed in an Unlikely Source: The Sound of Music

What is healthy manhood and womanhood?  And how do we as men and women embody both masculine and femiinine? As I write in “Redeeming the Feminine Soul,” the church sometimes promotes unhealthy hyper-masculinized and hyper-feminized visions of manhood and womanhood.  But a truer, more biblical model recognizes that men and women need a balance of both masculine and feminiine to be healthy.  After all, God, in whose image we are made, is not uni-dimensional, but possesses both these qualities, as well. 

In an interview with radio host and writer Seth Tower Hurd, I explain how this truth is revealed in an unlikely source, the classic film The Sound of Music

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Julie explains more about healthy womanhood in “Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.”

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Manhood & Womanhood Revealed in an Unlikely Source: The Sound of Music

  1. Marie Sober

    Thank you Julie, this issue has been driving my search for Love from God. After several years of my pastor telling what I call “All Women Are Stupid” jokes, my faith was pretty much destroyed. I have stopped believing God loves me, that my sole purpose was to continue the species and “wait on” the male. I am NOT a stupid woman, but I was seriously considered and planned my suicide as a means to escape this verbal abuse. I spoke with the pastor, I told him how much his “jokes” disturbed me, but he did not stop. It was not until I told my husband I wished to stop going to this church and MIGHT consider going to another one that my husband stepped in and guess what? The Pastor listened to my husband. Why didn’t he listen to me?
    My Faith is still seriously damaged, I continue to seek the “proof ” of God’s love for me. I search for it and find it in small things when I can, but honestly, I have to look hard.
    I have spent the years pouring through the Bible, reading many books, by many authors, but still struggle daily with my Faith. I believe in God as the Creator, God who sent His Son, I believe Jesus died on the Cross, but somehow the belief that He did it for ME has been voided. After all I ma JUST a woman.

  2. Marie, I am so sorry for the damage done to your soul by your pastor. What you describe is outright misogyny and it sadly is flourishing in pockets of the church. It is a grievous result of the Fall, and something that should not exist among the community of those redeemed by Christ. Know that Jesus affirmed and blessed women. It is no coincidence He appeared first to a woman after resurrecting. In fact, the Orthodox Church maintains that Christ’s appearance to Mary Magdelene in John 20 signaled His reversal of the curse against women. They also note that after that event, polygamy appears no more among God’s people. I encourage you to get “Redeeming the Feminine Soul” and read the chapter on misogyny. I think Janet’s story (especially the end of it) will really speak healing to you. You are Christ’s beloved. Any messages otherwise are not from Jesus, but from the Evil One.

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