Is Evangelical Immigration Table a Front Group for George Soros?

By Julie Roys

            Is the Evangelical Immigration Table – a coalition of liberal and conservative evangelical groups – actually a front group for George Soros and the institutional Left?  Last week, Breitbart dot com – a leading conservative news website – leveled that accusation.  Now, evangelicals associated with the Table – like Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention and Lynne Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church – are embroiled in a major controversy.

            At issue is the funding for a recent media campaign launched by the Table.  According to the group’s radio ads, funding for the ads came from the Table itself.  But, according to Breitbart, the Table doesn’t legally exist.  And, the group who paid for the ads, the National Immigration Forum, gets much of its funding from Leftist groups like George Soros’ Open Society and the Ford Foundation.  (If you’ve never heard of Soros before, he’s a powerful billionaire credited with funding the so-called “Shadow Party.”  This is a network of unions, think tanks and activist groups that promote far-Left causes, often using dubious methods.)
            So, what’s a bunch of good evangelicals doing with the likes of George Soros?  Well nothing, according to Damon Schroeder of World Relief, a member of the Evangelical Table. In emails last week, Schroeder admitted to me that the Table doesn’t exist as an incorporated entity. And, he conceded that the National Immigration Forum paid for the recent ads.  But, he added that the 250-thousand dollars the Forum used for the ads came from donors who earmarked their money for the Evangelical Table.  So, though the Forum technically paid for the ads, the money really came from donors to the Table.  In other words, not a penny from George Soros nor any Leftist group paid for the Table’s campaign.  Case closed, right?
            Not exactly.  It’s still problematic that the Evangelical Table is partnering with the National Immigration Forum.  Over the past three years, the Forum received more than a third of its funding – more than 4.2 million dollars – from Soros’ Open Society and the Ford Foundation.  So, though the Table may not be a front for the institutional Left, the Forum very well may be.  Ephesians 5 instructs believers not to partner with the ungodly.  So, though I applaud the efforts of the Evangelical Table to lobby for immigration reform, I think it should cut its ties with the Immigration Forum immediately. 



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12 thoughts on “Is Evangelical Immigration Table a Front Group for George Soros?”

  1. White Evangelical Christians are already in a dangerous spot by blindly following Republicans. The thing is, Republicans base are 1) Social conservatives 2) Fiscal COnservatives 3) Law and Order COnservatives.

    People may be all 3, but tend to be REALLY passionate about one.

    They USE our vote but then do nothing to truly support it. For example, Fiscal conservatives (at least the millionaires) do NOT tithe, nowhere near the percentage of those making under $120,000 (see Chronicle of Philanthropy).

    Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship..his very ministry is contrary to Law & Order’s hatred of the “guilty”, with no hope of redemption.

    And Evangelical leaders have a clear plan that includes restorative justice when it comes to immigration. But it’s Republicans who cower to the loud Law & Orders that won’t be brave and step up for justice.

    This is an issue where Christians can actually MAKE a difference. We should definitely be wary of who we ally ourselves with. But to become paranoid is not right, and betrays our hypocrisy.

    As long as we live in America, and believe in the Constitution, we will HAVE to work with people who, quite frankly, are godless. But if Joseph, Sharach Meschach, Abednego and Daniel and Nehemiah can do it, why not us?

    Immigrant justice and a better system will NOT happen without Evangelical help.

  2. JP… No doubt, politics is a dirty business. And, it’s hard to affect change without linking, to some extent, with unbelievers. Yet, I believe the means is as important as the end.

    I wholeheartedly support immigration reform, but evangelical advocacy must be done wisely and ethically. Linking with groups like the National Immigration Forum crosses a line, in my opinion. Too often, these liberal groups use evangelicals to further their own ends. I fear that’s what’s happening here. Linking with the Forum also has hurt the cause because now many evangelicals won’t have anything to do with the Evangelical Table. Scripture says “Do not partner . . .” for a reason.

  3. Any churches that align themselves with liberals or accept funding’s from them, (of which I am sure the latter is the main reason). Says a lot of their allegiance to the word of God! Accusation of being paranoid or conspiracy theories is the politically correct statements being used to justify their erroneous behaviors..
    Obama has been elected, and his goons have grown powerful, and they are being successful..mostly because of the mainline churches, irresponsibility of NOT conforming to Biblical standards and desiring to chase the Al’mighty dollars and fame! God bless them, their rewards will be paid with the wrath of God upon them.

  4. I’m an evangelical pastor who attended the recent event in Washington DC and support the principles the evangelical round table is asserting. You can see the principles for yourself at I believe they are balanced, Biblical, reasonable and compassionate. Isn’t that what we as Christians are to stand for?

    I’m not sure I understand why it makes any difference who the money comes from, if the principles being supported are godly. Wouldn’t a pro life organization gladly accept donations from George Soros if they were able to use those funds to further the pro life cause?

    1. Anonymous,

      Would you accept funding from the likes of George Soros to build a new building for your church? I pray not!

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  9. I see nothing in any of the reporting that points out why there is a problem with the National Immigration Forum, or why contributions coming through them would be “tainted” or conditioned in any way for their use by the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable. There is no evidence that any subversion, interference, control or anything else is taking place that would warrant a concern. There are multiple Evangelical pastors and leaders who have put their names on the website demonstrating support for the EIT who I would trust far more than a habitually lying, incorrect, alt-right source like Breitbart news.

  10. Danette Mallard

    The church is spiritually dead and powerless and places its faith in man. A said state of affairs indeed.

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