Seeking Truth: Radio Personality Mancow Muller Discusses His Faith, His Frustration with James MacDonald, & Why He Still Believes in the Church

By Julie Roys

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It’s not very often that a former “shock-jock” confronts a nationally-known pastor for his sin on the front page of a Chicago daily newspaper. But recently, that’s precisely what well-known radio host Mancow Muller did—calling out Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor, James MacDonald, on the front page of the Daily Herald.

Many readers were surprised that Mancow would so openly confront MacDonald for creating “a culture of authoritarianism, secrecy, intimidation, outlandish fundraising expectations, poor financial controls and debt.” But perhaps even more surprising to some was Mancow’s open profession of faith.  

But as I discovered in this revealing interview with the Chicago radio personality, Mancow was raised in a Christian home and even once thought of becoming a preacher. And despite his disappointment with MacDonald and Harvest, he says he’s not giving up on God or the church. 




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45 thoughts on “Seeking Truth: Radio Personality Mancow Muller Discusses His Faith, His Frustration with James MacDonald, & Why He Still Believes in the Church”

  1. Julie,I would be careful how much emphasis you put on Mancow. I have heard him thru the years. He was always a publicity hound. He has also dabbled with Christianity for probably the last 10 yrs or so. When all of this went down with him calling out James MacDonald, I listened to his show for a couple hrs.spread out over a couple days. In that short time He talked about an old girl friend Linda Blair from the exorcist, and when they had sex,he was always afraid something weird would happen. They were talking about pies in the studio and someone mentioned Boston creme or something along those lines and his responce was, my wife had boston creme allover her face last nite……… the pie that is. Then made a joke about happy endings at a massage parlor. This is not how a follower of Jesus Christ talks, not in private and certainly not on public radio. And not someone who should be calling out another believer.

    1. Understood. I have concerns along those lines, as well. Given the public stance he made about his faith, I wanted to give him a chance to explain his journey. Plus, I think his experience of being hurt and disillusioned by what he’s seen in the church is representative of a lot of folks, and I think it’s important for us to hear those accounts. But in his own words, he’s not the best messenger. I pray the Holy Spirit convicts him about those things. I do think there’s a deeper, more thoughtful person behind his persona.

      1. I wonder if it is good to devote a site to hanging out the dirty clothes of churches? Do you have a Bible justification for this?

    2. Those without sin can cast the first stone. I think the reason people are sick of the “church” is this expectation to be perfect. Mancow is great at showing us we are all still sinners saved my grace. He’s an entertainer on the radio and yet still professes his faith in Christ. Love he’s real.

      1. Amazing how so many refer to the apocryphal addition to John 8, not part of the original gospel of John. The story of the woman taken in adultery is spurious & also bad theology, as if no one could be a judge in a criminal proceeding unless he were without sin himself.

      1. mary- the Pharisees asked the apostles the same questions about Jesus in Mark 2:15-22:
        “While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and sinners were eating with Him and His disciples, for there were many who followed Him. When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw Him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked His disciples: “Why does He eat with tax collectors and sinners?”
        On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” ”

        The same story is in Matthew and Luke so God must think its important for pastors to interact with sinners.

    3. You are missing the point and frankly this is a type of ad hominem evasion to deflect from what really is happening. It is not about the messenger but about his message and Mancow attends HBC which highlights his message even more. Additionally, I find it inconsistent to say the least that you talk about how troubling this radio show is and how it falls short of standards you point to yet at the same time you listen or listened to that what you find so substandard….

      1. I am not missing the point. I have attended Harvest for much longer than Mancow. I am also well aware of what has taken place, and have read as much as one man can about this situation. I am deeply grieved as well as my family, friends and small group over the revelations about James. But I am praying and hoping my church can survive. No one is trying to deflect from the truth, My hope is that James, the MacDonald family, and the Elders stand in front of the Church, confess, come clean about all of it, sincerely repent and then resign. A new board is elected by the congregation of Men above reproach and Harvest can survive. As far as Mancow, I believe the Messanger is important, yes we all sin but there is sin we commit everyday thru a spoken word or action or neglect of something, and there are patterns of sin. One should not claim the name of Jesus Christ and then bring shame on him by your words and actions. Have we sunk so low that it doesnt matter how we live or talk. Ephesians says to Believers let there be no filthiness, foolish talk or crude jokes among you. If Mancow is a new believer, then I would welcome him as a brother but also tell him that your public life and your professional life should mirror your private life. We as Followers of Jesus need to be light, we must be different from the world, in our words, actions , thoughts and deeds. And yes I have heard his radio show in past years because it was played at work, I was never a fan. And yes I listened recently because I wanted to see if he claimed to be a believer if it had changed, not by my standards because I am a sinful man but by the standards laid out in Gods Word.

        1. Again, it is not about if this sheep is dirtier than that sheep. It is about a raparicious, avaricious, malignant wolf and his pack feeding on, mutilating and devouring sheep while fooling most of them into belief that he is their shepherd…

          There will be no true confession. No true repentance. No true resignations. Only more manipulation and more increasingly aggressive mutilation of sheep. You as most do not realize who MacDonald truly is and that he cannot and will not go against his true nature.

          1. As I. Have said, I probably know MacDonald better than you do, I have Listened to more of his sermons than most. I am not naive to what he has done or what happened. You cannot say there will be no true confession, repentance or a resignation, only God knows that. He needs to be removed no doubt. What you dont seem to understand is God doesnt look at us on a scale. He’s more of a sinner or he’s less. I’m stating if you confess to be a believer, then live it, privately, publicly and professionally. You will know them by their fruit, a bad tree will not bear good fruit, and a good tree will not bear bad fruit.

        2. Patriot – Have we sunk so low that people are willing to put up with unbiblical Eldership that tells lies, manipulates, laughs at people, covers up child abuse, and fails to hold a Senior Pastor (let alone themselves) accountable?

          What’s your deadline for the full truth to be revealed, all sins confessed & repented, and resignations from all of those leaders? Is there ANY sin that could be disclosed that is a last straw for you? ANY revelations that would prompt you to say, “Enough is enough.” I was at HBC from 2006-2017. I hoped for change as well. Not only did it never come, the vicious cycle continued. Every word of what Mancow has said about James & HBC is true. Even if he were an atheist who was buddies with James & attended the church to please his wife (which is NOT the case), he is speaking THE TRUTH.

          Whether you like or approve of Mancow’s show, etc. has nothing to do with the veracity of his statements. I’m perplexed: are you saying that he’s lying?

          1. No, not saying he’s lying. I think I’ve stated what needs to happen and as far as a timeline, I don’t have one , I have resigned this to the Lord. What I am saying is I am praying , hoping Harvest survives, and can rebound with new leadership. How can any true believer want otherwise.

          2. Its not whether I approve of his show, but does God, confessing your allegiance to the Lord requires you to live like you do. We cant Separate our private lives from our public or professional lives, you cant hide behind a character or persona.

          3. Patriot – What does it mean, in your view, to “resign this to the Lord”? When a wolf is in the pulpit with 30+ Elders failing to fulfill their Biblical roles to protect the sheep, what should be done and by whom? Are you waiting for a literal ball of fire to come down from heaven? And what does any of that have to do with Mancow speaking the truth in the newspaper and on his show? God sent the King of the World as a baby, born in a stable to a virgin. Are you bold enough to say that Mancow isn’t or can’t be God’s instrument? If you’re “resigning this to the Lord”–and you agree that Mancow is telling the truth about James and HBC–then what is your point?

        3. I am praying for truth and healing at Harvest. It deeply saddens me to see what has happened. How one man’s refusal to submit can potentially take down a church. This, as Julie continues to say, should be a testimony of the importance of accountability. I’m not better than James and I fear for anyone who would arrogantly proclaim they are. We are blessed by Christ with leaders and elders so that we can be held accountable to the gospel by mature believers. Let’s all remember the importance of godly, mature believers and invite them into our relationship with Christ.

          1. Well said, i believe if James had been accountable years ago and held to a standard, his propensity towards certain sins would have been taken care of. Unfortunately he wasn’t and that is why we are here.

        4. I don’t think you have been at Harvest long enough to know that what you are hoping for will not happen. As someone whose spouse worked at Harvest and we attended in the past I sincerely doubt that James, the Macdonald family and elders will stand in front of the church and do as you have written here.

          1. I would be willing to say Ive probably been at Harvest longer than you. As far as seeing all that I have stated come to pass, God only knows and this is my prayer and my hope. If it comes to pass, then God is glorified and if not then all involved will answer to the Lord.

    4. I hear what you’re saying re: Mancow. But the reality is, he’s a very loud voice speaking truth about this situation. Every sentence he has written or spoke about James MacDonald and Harvest i(my church for 12 yrs) is true. There is NO real Elder Board to speak of. It’s 30+ men, subservient to the Senior Pastor. They lie, they manipulate, they laugh at people, they show favoritism, they mismanage money…the list goes on.

      God works in ways I don’t understand or expect. If Mancow is our Nathan, then so be it. SOMEONE had to be.

  2. So why the heck does a guy who knows all the sins and dirt of his preacher travel to israel with the preacher to get baptized by the preacher he doesn’t respect? It sounds like Mancow isn’t really baptized because the preacher and his church aren’t really christian. And as far as going back to Harvest, Mancow says he doesn’t want his kids in a place where they could see stuff he doesn’t want them to see but he wants to go back to Harvest if he wants to go back but he doesn’t really want to go back. Man, you’re losing it.
    Mancow- I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this, but I doubt that you and James are best buds any more. And talk to Roys about becoming a catholic-lite. Anglicans don’t have elders, they have wardens (really- that’s what they are called) and there’s only 2 of them who serve for only 2 years so they never spend enough time as leaders to figure out the sins of their priests. And your dip in the Jordan is your ticket to heaven- no testimony talk needed so you can give your mouth a break. Cheers!

    1. Don, I don’t know where you got your information, but my church has eight people on its board, and several have known our pastor for decades. None of our leaders believe baptism is a ticket to heaven. And our pastor is very evangelical and has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Wheaton College. He also served several years with InterVarsity.

  3. Julie, I don’t know where you come from, but where I come from an elder board with 3 guys who have known the pastor for decades is called the good ole boys. How’s that supposed to make a person feel safe and secure about the goings on in a church when those good ole boys are nothing more then the pastor’s buddies? Those boys can be thicker then blood.
    And when I googled Anglicans it seems there’s lots of different opinions on a lot of topics. I tried figuring out baptism, evangelical and reconciliation according to Anglican theology but gave up.

    And didn’t Bart Ehrman go to Moody and Wheaton? lol

      1. Hi, Julie. Because of the comments made below by SinnerInNeedofaSavior, God spoke to me and I realized I have been reacting to your site with anger and insult and a desire to get back at you and your Church. But God spoke to me and reminded me that if I follow Jesus and claim to be a member of the same body of Christ as you, then angry retribution is not what Jesus taught.

        So today I attended Harvest in Rolling Meadows. Pastor Landon’s message was powerful because Colossians 2:1-7 is powerful. The message was titled ‘The Kind of Church Jesus Wants’. Understanding that Rez Church and Harvest Church and a zillion other Churches make up THE Church of Jesus reminded me there really is only ONE Church- an encouraging Church (v.2), united in love (v.2) with all those who receive Jesus Christ as Lord (v.6), continue to live in Him (v.6), rooted and built up in Him (v.7), strengthened in our faith in Him (v.7), and overflowing with thankfulness to Him (v.7).

        So I want to apologize to you for making comments about your Church which offended you because to offend you about your Church is to offend Jesus about His Church.
        Would you please accept my apology? We live in very difficult times as Christians but we are not on opposing teams as in hockey but on the same team which is Christ’s team. In His Sermon on the Mount Jesus taught “So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” (Matthew 5)

        I prayed to God to be reconciled with Him and with you as well. And I pray that you are as uplifted and encouraged at Church this weekend as I have been.
        In Him Who is able to do far more than we can ever ask,

      2. Julie- Please acknowledge my apology I wrote to you for offending you about your Anglican Church. To intentionally cause you, another Christian, to be offended was not my intention. Please forgive me so we can be reconciled. Thanks much and God bless you.

  4. SinnerInNeedofaSavior

    Growing up in a home where God was at best a four letter word the only time I heard Gods Word preached was in 1980 when someone invited me to Willow Creek. As a 19 year old kid I got Baptized at Willow in 1985. Back then Bill Hybels and Don Cousins preached and taught the Word authentically. I was discipled by several people, one being a Baptist pastor and also Wednesday nights at Willow. I witnessed 1000s of people like me find the Lord and bring hope to their lives. NOBODY can tell me that Hybels is a false teacher and it all was invalidated bc he was addicted to power. That was Bills sin, pride and power. That is why Bill is a sinner in need of a Savior, Jesus Christ. If Bill was perfect we would not need Jesus. Not saying all this celebrity pastor thing is ok and not saying what Bill did was ok, but had someone told me I needed to be perfect I would be dead from my previous addictions to alcohol, porn, and drugs. My sin goes so deep I am still dealing with the core of its rot to this day….I am 53. In the 1990s my best friend invited me to Harvest. I heard James preach the Word powerfully and met him personally. He started Harvest, like Hybels started Willow with pure intentions. Now his sin is greed, pride and power. (And I am sure others). So does this mean bc he is blind to these sins that all of his ministry is invalidated? No. Our sin runs so deep that you can’t say someone is a wolf bc they can’t see ALL their sin. Had someone told me I wasn’t a true Christian bc I still struggled with addictions, I would be dead, literally. Many well intentioned Christians who don’t struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction have no clue how dark, bad, and rotten sin can get. It’s only by the Grace of God and the finished work on the cross that Jesus Christ not only saves me but delivers me from the dominion of darkened to the dominion of Light, Gods Light. Before I conclude, so as not to be misunderstood, I am NOT saying that The things James did and does are ok, no…he needs to repent like a hopeless alcoholics and drug addict who has hit bottom needs to repent. Repentance means to turn from your sins and set up your life in such a way that you demonstrate you don’t want to do it anymore. It’s not just words but words start the process. After reading all this stuff about James it saddened me but like so many mature believers say, The Lord Will deal with James just like He did me and so many billions of souls thru the wages of sin are death, spiritual and physical death. What you do in the darkness will be shouted from the rooftops Jesus said. Your sin will find you out and God will never be mocked. God is good all the time, all the time God is Good.

    1. Hey SinnerInNeedofaSavior- Thanks for sharing. You speak powerfully, honestly, calmly, logically and with understanding and compassion as a mature Christian who knows the Lord personally. I often wonder what would happen to me if I, who profess Christ, were a public figure and my sins were paraded about by other Christians to anybody who would listen. Are all the Christians who are talking about James and his sins following the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If these same Christians who spend hours and hours listening to and talking to others about James sins were to take that time and witness the Truth of the Gospel instead, what would happen? Somehow I don’t think atheists, unbelievers and secularists are being convicted of the Truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ when our Christian headline news is “Come be a follower of Christ, join our church and see what happens to you when you really screw up!” Is this the Gospel we want to show the world?

      I want to share this Scripture with you. Paul said in Philippians 1:14-18.
      “And because of my chains, most of the brothers and sisters have become confident in the Lord and dare all the more to proclaim the Gospel without fear.
      It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the Gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice.”

      You hear what it says? It says that even if the worst of sinners preach the Truth of the Gospel, they are preaching the Truth of the Gospel and people are being saved! I say a big AMEN to that! God’s Word, the Truth of the Gospel, cannot be stopped even by sinning preachers! I mean, I would rather be preached to by a guy who is a known and admitted sinner who preaches the Truth of the Gospel then listen to a guy who never admits he’s a sinner and I sit there wondering if he’s really been saved since he never talks about how the Gospel changed everything for him in his life. Am I the only one who feels the hope for all us saved sinners who are in Jesus Christ when even pastors sin big time after being saved? Paul famously wrote in Romans 7, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.”

      So thanks, SinnerInNeedofaSavior for reminding us that we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Maybe it’s time we should start talking about how Christ followers should drop the rocks (one of my fav James-isms and messages) and start showing the world the love we have for even the worst of us sinners. Don’t we love and forgive each other because Christ first loved and forgave us? How about we show the Gospel to the world for a change? How about we publically pray for James and Harvest? How about we remind the good people of Harvest about Scriptures which can heal them, bring them some peace and assurance of our love for them at this time, and remind them that they are part of the same body of Christ as us? When one part of the body of Christ hurts, don’t we all hurt? How about we talk to those who will listen about how we can relate to James situation because even though we are saved, we still sin? How about we remind each other that it is not James or the Pope or any preacher, saint or even Mary who we listen to, pray to, keep our eyes on, look up to, or worship– IT IS TO CHRIST ALONE!

      Thanks, SinnerInNeedofaSavior.
      I think I should change my name to “AlwaysaSinnerInNeedofMySavior”.

  5. Susan Vonder Heide

    Disparaging Julie’s church based on stereotypes of a broadly defined denomination (without taking into consideration her particular church or its particular small denomination) does not seem particularly helpful. It also deflects attention from the issue at hand.

  6. Mancow nailed it…

    Type 500 word comments all you want.

    Wheres the money?
    Who signed off on covering an accused Pedophile?
    Who are the secret investors?
    Who are the secret donors that paid for the lawsuit?
    Why so much debt?

    Lofty talk about Christian maturity does not change the Scam.

    Mancow’s other subject matter does not diminish the truth.

    Get over your SELFS and lets focus on doing everything possible to make sure no other kids were targeted and getting the financials out in the open.

    1. Not many mentioned this—
      Let’s pray for Mancow to grow in his relationship with God!

      That took guts to go forward with this. Maybe he’s on the verge of a breakthrough, let’s pray God will pull him through to the next place to do His Will.

  7. Nancy DeMontmorency

    So very sad because of the fallout… but understand the spirit of one HBC. I am a wounded warrior and perhaps this expose gave me an answer to prayer .I am a child of God and not a second class citizen.Thank you!
    I spent a season in a Harvest church that almost killed me and perhaps our marriage. Grateful for an inkling/ prompting to cut the ties.. It hurt because I loved people but could not sit under a teaching that shamed/ controlled
    Not all Harvest affiliates are the same so my prayer is to strengthen those who want to grow disciples.. those pastors who care for their flock.. truly, there are humble and kind/ spirit filled pastors that trained under the Harvest name . Thank God for them .. when they say you are loved, you so know it!! God will raise His church. Praying for the elect to be more discerning. 2 Timothy sure speaks to these times
    Much love and prayer. Nancy D
    Ps. Please continue to pray for the situation… For God’s Glory and our good. In great humility, I am reminded to be careful if you think you stand.., lest you fall
    Please pray for everyone involved that Psalm 51 could be prayed and appkied ❤️

  8. I’m new on this blog and I really enjoy all of the different points of view that I’ve read, but there is one thing I havent heard yet…..what is THE CHURCH??? , I’ve heard my Church, your church, his church, their church, and even Julie’s church….I believe That THE CHURCH is The Body of Christ and is made up of individual parts, each person being one part of The Body, and when one part suffers The Whole Body suffers, we are called to feed His Sheep not entertain goats…..and that is what happens at many of these so called “churches” and that’s why we must contend for the Faith….I also believe that some of THE CHURCH shows up at Harvest and at Moody Bible and at Willow creek and at Grace Evangelical and many other buildings with many different names, so wherever a true believer is there you will find THE CHURCH , Not everyone who attends Services at these buildings are THE CHURCH, There are tares among the Wheat …I’ve been a Believer for 30 years and I’ve come to believe that THE CHURCH is alot smaller than I once thought it was , Jesus died for our sins and was raised for our Justification, That means Jesus not only saves but He also sanctifies He does not do one without the other.. and being confident in this He who began a good work in you Will be faithful to finish it to the day of Christ……I dont know if Mancow is a true believer or if Jmac is a true believer and neither does anyone else on this blog…But one thing is certain Jmac and his puppet Elder board have brought reproach on The Body of Christ and have disqualified themselves from leadership in THE CHURCH. This doesn’t mean that they are or are not believers it means they themselves have disqualified themselves from leadership period…and if Jmac and The Elder board at Harvest are truly born again they will repent and step down from leadership…… our FATHER IN HEAVEN promises to disciple those he Loves and Chasens everyone he calls Sons…He might have to completely dismantle Them, but all real believers can count on GOD to finish the work that He has started in them…and Yes I attended and served at Harvest for 10 years .

    1. Hello—I am not so new to the blog but AMEN to what you say!

      God always has a remnant and I think He’s shaking up the Church now to see who is truly following Him and who will repent. So praise God in purifying us!

      I grew up as a believer, attended Willow Creek for a time, and did a small group at Harvest for a few years, and listen to Moody Radio all the time. Despite the failings of Hybels, James and Moody, God ministered to me through those places. But what it always comes down to is,

      “You are My Child. I AM your Friend and Father. Will you be in relationship? Will you trust Me?”

      He wants to form and change us. In Everything. But that can’t happen unless we Surrender all parts.

      Pastor Hybels had unsurrendered parts in his heart. I am guessing Pastor James has some parts he must surrender. But it’ll only happen if he submits himself to Christ totally there. He has to want to. More than the false safety of holding onto the sin pattern.

      If anything this story has helped me be aware of the places I still need to surrender to our Abba.

      Let’s pray Pastor James can.

  9. For anyone who thinks I’m a hater.. Lets get some things straight right now.

    I, like many, learned a TON from James. I have notes upon notes and some big ones burnt into my core.

    My approach has been loud and sharp because soft and gentle doesnt cut a Sherwood.

    Let me explain what this student of James yet follower of Christ alone considers as I Stand Firm in ways that many currently at HBC don’t like.

    James taught ..

    Biblical love 2 equal measures

    James words..

    “This means delivering the TRUTH at all costs as gently as possible which sometimes is not gentle at all”

    James taught..

    Repentance over rationalization

    James words..

    “One leads to life. The other to death.”

    Mancow was right about alot.

    James taught us to call out lies and deception. James taught us to stand against rationalizations and call for Godly repentance.

    And James taught us to Come Harder and Harder with the TRUTH when our gentle approach was not enough to bring a brother snared in sin back to the fold.


    Now James IS The Wanderer and I fear that only hard truth that shakes him out of rationalization and into repentance can save this man that taught us so much.

    We know God grants repentance. But what kind of Christians are we if we don’t go after the wanderer as he heads for a ditch on a sunny day.

    Come back James!

    Open the books.. Answer the questions… Inform the Church.. Warn parents where required .. Make amends… No more secrets..Resign your Senior Pastor role..

    Let’s figure it out. Stop Wandering. Do it now!

    I’m not giving up on the man. Im chasing him and calling him to practice what he has preached to us. Going on 2 years now…?

    James isnt the only one of us thats rough around the edges.

    If James helped any of those reading this through a tough time rooted in self pride.

    If he helped you turn your eyes upon Jesus in your darkest moments

    If his teaching pointed you to Gods Word and It carried you through a rough patch.



    Name the lie. Insert the truth. Biblical love is not always gentle. It requires truth with which comes grace. Rationalize yourself to death or Repent and find your life again in Christ!

    Consider that there may be a man or men that better understand what James is going through than those closest to him in this world. How he ticks. What he needs. How he spins..

    Now turn to your neighbor and say..

    “Jimmy E. might be right. James brought tough biblical love into my life..I’m going to return the favor.”

    No more explaining things on macdonalds behalf! He played a homeless man and many stopped to care for him.

    The lies and anger and fear as he runs…

    This is not a game. It’s a mans life.. A families name. A 12,000 member church..

    No more excusses.

    “In a Biblical Brotherhood, Grace without Truth enables the sinful wanderer”


  10. The facts are that James is a pastor, held to a higher standard whom God has entrusted much with. God’s word says to whom much is given, much is required. It’s not a matter of he is a sinner and we are all sinners so let’s overlook how his behavior is and sweep it under the rug. He knows better than most what Gods word says. What is so disturbing are his actions spanning decades which seems to have become worse.
    I am not even sure about his salvation. How can someone in his position repeatedly abuse his position and power while preaching the gospel? This is very serious to God and he seems to not care about his past or current behavior. He may be a gifted speaker and businessman (Gifts From God) I do not believe he fits the role of a pastor. Even the apostle Paul had a change of heart with encountering the risen Jesus. Paul’s life changed after being converted. But how is it this pastor continues in the same sin patterns with no concern for it? There is a real danger for people in James’ position because he is hardened to the truth. Don’t you think God’s spirit would have convicted him about these issues? There is no evidence of remorse or change. Only ongoing sin and abuse. Something is very wrong with him and the people who are willfully blind. God will give you over to exchanging the truth for a lie and remove your ability to discern anymore. God will use anyone to fulfill his purpose. Mancow is that bold voice of truth which needs to be spoken and I thank God he did. I am grateful to all who have spoken against this evil and pray God restores them. Our true shepherd cares for us and will never desert us.

    1. Agreed entirely, however, lets remember the mouth from which this “truth” has been disclosed. Mancow has placed himself in the same eyes of scrutiny when he claims to be be the follower of someone he obviously does not make effort to replicate (at least in public) and whose fruit shows to be lacking. Just because truth has bared it’s ugly head, let’s not ignore the ugliness of the “bearer”….Satan comes as an ‘angel of light’….there is more danger in all of this than just what is going on at the church. There is danger in the ‘bearer of truth’ whose fruit shows to be more of the evil one than of the blessed hope. Again I remind all. Satan comes as an “Angel of Light” so lets not put too much praise in the “bold voice of truth’ in this case. What he revealed appears to be truth but that in no way makes him one to be put on a pedistal for it. Even Satan can reveal truth on occasion when it fits his goals.

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