Meredith Andrews: Worship & Passion for the Church Fuels Her Music

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You’ve likely heard her songs like “How Great is the Love,” “Not for a Moment,” and “Spirit of the Living God” on the radio, but leading worship in the church remains Meredith Andrews’ passion. For years, she was on staff at Harvest Bible Chapel and toured with Harvest’s Vertical Church Band. Now she and her family are in Nashville, but recently was in the Chicago area for the Vertical Church Conference. That’s where I caught up with this Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and had an awesome time discussing Jesus, the church, and the gift of music.  Hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did! 


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1 thought on “Meredith Andrews: Worship & Passion for the Church Fuels Her Music”

  1. Lawrie Paul Given

    Hi Julie – We played Meredith’s Open up the Heavens many times while we worshipped at Open the Floodgates, a 3 day conference that went for 59 days before a break. Then it went to Sunday & Monday. Our first keynote was Pastor Mark Redner of the Oasis Church, just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We started in a small church in Waterloo, Ontario and it went for 2 1/2 years moving through 3 main venues in the Ktichener/Waterloo Region and several anointed speakers from all over North America and Europe. We played this worship song several times. We found it by accident (not to God of course) and it became a very popular go to song.

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