Obama Creating Religion-Free Military

I once heard that the military is one of the most religious institutions in the world. As one soldier once explained, there’s something about being in a foxhole with bullets whizzing by your head that causes a person to find religion – quick!

Yet, now it appears President Obama is trying to make the military a religion-free zone.  Just last week, his administration “strongly object(ed)” to a religious liberty amendment that would have protected the religious rights of soldiers. The administration said the amendment would have a “significant adverse effect on good order, discipline, morale, and mission accomplishment.”

However, what the amendment would really do is prevent the kind of Christian suppression that’s increasingly present in the armed forces.  For example, the military reportedly told an Air Force officer to remove a Bible from his desk because it might give the impression he was endorsing a religion.  Also, the Air Force censored a video created by a chaplain because it included the word “God,” which officials said might offend Muslims and atheists.  But, perhaps the most shocking example of anti-Christian sentiment in the military involved a senior military official at Fort Campbell. He reportedly sent an email to his officers, instructing them to recognize the “religious (R)ight” in America as a “domestic hate group.”  Apparently, few are concerned with offending Christians.

“The bottom line,” according to Congressman John Fleming, the amendment’s sponsor, “is the military is bending over backwards to remove . . . expressions of faith and conscience.”  What’s worse, this scrubbing of Christianity appears to have the support of President Obama.  Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said, “The Administration’s opposition to (the) religious freedom amendment reveals that this administration has gone beyond accommodating the anti-Christian activists . . . to aiding them by blocking this bipartisan measure.”

Honestly, I don’t know if we’ve ever had a president who talks more about his love for Jesus – yet whose actions are so seemingly inconsistent with that love.  If there’s any group in this country that deserves the freedom to exercise their religion, it’s those who risk their lives to protect that freedom.  I pray President Obama recognizes this – and reverses his position on this crucial amendment.

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One thought on “Obama Creating Religion-Free Military

  1. Julie I served in the military in South Africa, and prayer was always a part of planning, and the execution of those plans. During that time we had Muslims, Hindu’s, Jews and a few other smaller sects. But there was never ever any animosity from them regarding prayer. Somehow we just figured it out. Our enemy is on the move, and his agenda involves the family and prayer. The problem here is that our government is made up of spineless individuals that I am sad to say the people voted for. It is more about furthering their personal goals than doing what is right by God and country. Our founding fathers here in the US spelled it out clearly, but the leadership have taken to ignoring that too. So we should be vigilant and prayerful.

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