Reviews of Redeeming the Feminine Soul: “Your book made me not only understand myself, but celebrate how uniquely God made me!”

Without a doubt, the best part of writing a book is seeing how God uses it to touch other people.  I have been so blessed by the many emails, Facebook comments, tweets, texts, and even blog posts about my book, Redeeming the Feminine Soul. Here are some of my favorites!

Joan from Lynchburg, VA:

“I love your book. I’m writing a small paper for an entry-level class in pastoral counseling at Liberty University and wanted to write about gender identity and creation. In the course of googling resources, I found ‘Redeeming the Feminine Soul.’ I read a few excerpts and told my husband, ‘I think I found the book I wanted to write one day.’ It arrived yesterday afternoon, it is 4:30 a.m. and I’m more than halfway through it. WELL DONE!”

Jan from Wilmette, IL:

“THANK YOU for your book! I just love it! I always knew I was a bit ‘different’ as a woman, and your book (brilliant may I say) has made me not only understand myself, but celebrate how uniquely God made me!”

Author, pastor and managing editor of The Gospel Project, Trevin Wax:

Christine from Champaign, IL:

“A quiet Saturday allowed me to finally read your book! I have gobs of ‘Yes!’ notes in the margins and want to circle back and think/pray/journal about MY own experience as a woman in relation to some of the topics you covered. Most profound to me was TOB (Theology of the Body) – how did I grow up Catholic and never hear of this??? How I wish this theology had been the foundation of our marriage!! It elevates sexual intimacy to a richer, higher plane – especially in contrast to our culture. I am also really pondering misogyny this morning, and how I personally have hated womanhood/femininity… something I had not previously considered. I found particular joy in your section of the value of motherhood. Being a mom was not really something I gave much thought to growing up and I often feel like it is the gift God gave me that I didn’t even know I wanted. I could say LOTS more – but lastly, your attention to gender identity is incredibly timely – as I am seeing more students I work embracing this gender spectrum (as allies) and identifying as transgender, I want to be interacting with them from a solid biblical understanding/foundation and I gleaned much from you. Thank you for writing this gem and sharing so much of your own journey with your readers!”

Daren Snow, pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Aurora, IL: 

Gina Behrens, assistant professor of educational ministries at Moody Bible Institute:

“I teach from Karl Stern and Leanne Payne in my science class, as the loss of the symbolic drives our contemporary science into scientism, and as well leaves our young people with head knowledge of their systematics, but hearts that struggle to find life. . . .

Our failure to understand what you have written is doing us great harm, and finally, a book that communicates with clarity and complexity the nature of the matter. I am grateful! We will be reading this in next semester’s Science class.”

Hannah Phlederer, sound engineer and radio personality at Moody Radio:

“Reading your book Julie and am already halfway through. Can’t put it down. So healing. . . .Your story really does speak to my generation.  I’m giving this book to all my girlfriends and my boyfriend to read!”

Rev. Dr. Julius McCarter (“The Little Friar”):

“Roys is clear and truthful in a way that most Christians resist:  She tells us that women are destroying themselves beneath the weight of terrible ‘advice’ about being a woman heard from our larger culture.  That advice, Roys is quick to point out, also bears absolutely no resemblance to the larger biblical wisdom — a wisdom that refuses to fit into the neat boxes of liberalism and conservativism.  In the end she reclaims that wisdom for a new age.  This is a must-read for all women.” Read the rest of the blog

Kristin in Orlando, FL:

“I read your whole book, Julie, and my husband is reading it now. I so relate to your experience, and it is comforting to see God speak in similar ways to those who seek his truth and need his love. Over the years, he has revealed his truth and love to me when I was confused and hurt (especially by the Church) as it relates to the issue of women – our gifting and roles, etc. Your book has helped to ameliorate some of that pain for me! Thank you! The beauty of male/female connection and marriage is holy and magnificent. Thank you for upholding the family and encouraging us to put our children and families first. It is so rewarding when we do. Finally, thank you for your courage and vulnerability in sharing your struggle with emotional dependency and addressing issues of gender and homosexuality. I have spent many years sharing my testimony and helping those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction. It is no easy thing. God has raised you up ‘for such a time as this’ to share openly, and I thank you! May your witness help our churches become the places of healing they were meant to be! I am experiencing the ‘abundant life’ God promises to those who never let Him go. Thank you for encouraging your readers to never let go of our Savior! He ‘rewards those who seek him.’ God bless you!”

Angie from Riverside, CA:

“I’m more than halfway through your book (it just came in the mail a few days ago!) and I cannot put it down. Engaging, accessible, honest and so needed in our time! Thank you for writing this book.”

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