Seeking Truth — Revolutionizing Pro-Life Outreach: Save the Storks Puts Crisis Pregnancy Centers on Wheels

By Julie Roys
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Despite the 4,000 crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S., studies show that most women considering abortion don’t know about the services these centers provide. And sadly, they think abortion is their only option. So, one pro-life group, called Save the Storks, has come up with an ingenious way to bring these pregnancy centers to the women. The group has built specially designed vans that operate as mobile medical units. And, it parks these vans where abortion-vulnerable women are – outside abortion clinics, college campuses, and low-income housing. Then, counselors invite women into the vans to receive the love and support they need to carry a baby to term. The results have been incredible. Four out of five women who board a stork bus choose life! On this edition of Seeking Truth, Julie Roys interviews Joe Baker, CEO and founder of Save the Storks, about this new and innovative pro-life initiative.

You Can Help

For $30/month, you can save a “stork” — the mother who carries a child, as well as the unborn child inside her. By dividing the cost of a bus by the number of children it saves, this is the approximate cost of saving one mother and her child. Please prayerfully consider partnering with this awesome organization in this way!

Joe Baker

 Joe Baker is the co-founder and CEO of Save The Storks, an innovative non-profit that helps pregnancy centers reach thousands of moms across the country with love, life-affirming support, and an alternative to abortion. After founding Storks in 2011 with his wife, Ann, they have grown the company from just a revolutionary idea to a 30-member team headquartered in Colorado Springs.

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