Seeking Truth: Michele Bachmann Warns Clinton Presidency Would Lead to America’s Imminent Demise

By Julie Roys

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If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the United States “is going to go down really fast.”  So says former Congresswoman and GOP Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann in this episode of Seeking Truth. According to Bachmann, the situation in the U.S. is dire. Muslims with ties to terrorism are infiltrating the U.S. government, while Islamic terrorists continue to stream into the U.S. due to our lax immigration policies.  Meanwhile, the U.S. is retreating from Israel, leaving her exposed to attack from all sides.  Bachmann believes Clinton would only accelerate this pattern and that’s part  of the reason she’s supporting Donald Trump.  Bachmann also told me why she believes these ominous current events may be the fulfillment of End Times prophecies.  

I was able to connect with Rep. Bachmann on these issues last Saturday evening when I emceed a banquet where she spoke.  I found her to be incredibly warm, passionate and discerning. I think you’ll truly benefit from her extremely relevant and important insights.

Michele Bachmann

picz2ijyBorn in Waterloo, Iowa, Michele Bachmann became a born-again Christian at the age of 16. After earning a law degree, Bachmann became a local conservative activist, protesting abortion clinics and state-mandated educational standards. In 2000 she was elected to the Minnesota state Senate, and earned a reputation for her unwavering commitment to conservative principles. In 2006 Bachmann was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and helped found the Tea Party Caucus. A rising star in the GOP, in June 2011 Bachmann announced her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to actively seek the GOP nomination.

Congresswoman Bachmann is recognized as one of our nation’s social conservative leaders who has consistently defended America’s religious liberties and the importance of the traditional family as a bellwether necessity for a stable society.

Illinois Family Institute

This episode of Seeking Truth was recorded at the Illinois Family Institute (IFI) Faith, Family and Freedom Banquet. Thanks to the IFI for all the wonderful work it does, and for aiding in the recording of this podcast.


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5 thoughts on “Seeking Truth: Michele Bachmann Warns Clinton Presidency Would Lead to America’s Imminent Demise”

  1. Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann speaks out on the political and moral climate of America with deep conservative convictions, rooted in a Christ centered consciousness. I am thankful to God for raising up such a voice and beacon that Michele Bachmann is. Thank you Congresswoman Bachmann for answering the Lords call and serving the people of this nation, in the capacity that you did.

  2. Bachmann has her good points, but plenty of bad ones as well. When she was running for President in 2012, she broke her FAMiLY Leader vow before God and voters. And instead of repenting and asking for forgiveness, she acted like that never even happened. Pretty scary. Rick Santorum did the very same thing. I would never trust either one again.

    To read more, please do a Web search on:

    “Bachmann Breaks FAMiLY Leader Vow Made Before God, Endorses Romney. Will Santorum Follow Suit?”

  3. Trading power and using Jesus as a means to achieve it is not acceptable. I cannot understand why Mike Pence did 180 degree turnabout on Trumps sexual ‘escapades’ as a means to an end for higher office. office. When Pence said everybody sins and Trump has changed, I thought, Jesus said repent and sin no more. Yes, Jesus does forgive if your heart is changed and you realize your sin and repent. I have not heard Trump say anything that would make me see a change in his attitude toward women. Too many believers are more in love with politics and not with Jesus. They need to re-read scripture, and hold the politicians responsible for their actions regardless of party loyalty.
    Thank You.

    1. This episode of ‘Seeking Truth’ is an interview with Michele Bachmann. Your comment may have been posted under the wrong episode.

  4. Thank you for fighting for America, Michele Bachmann! It would seem that by the comments here that we are looking for a pastor, instead of a president.

    Well, I think that Dietrich Bonhoeffer knew something about fighting dirty when he made the difficult decision to join a plot to assassinate Hitler.

    If we’re going to do more than pray and teach, we’re going to have to vote! And right now we’re facing the most corrupt presidential candidate in the history of America. Except that she’s not only corrupt, she’s 110% committed to the abortion cause, reducing the Constitution and the first and second amendments to exaggerative superlatives, granting citizenship to illegal aliens and a massive influx of Muslim immigrants, that combined will have an effect on our country like no other, she will set a new standard of lawlessness and bribery, endanger our young man and women serving our country, continue her assault on religious liberty, defend her husband against new victims, threatening and destroying their names and reputations, continue to advance the GLBT platform as it threatens the security of our children, drive our economy into the ocean, and take over the Supreme Court for the next 20-40 years.

    And you people want to complain about Trump’s locker room talk of him bragging about how popular he was among the girls when he was a Hollywood star years ago???

    I didn’t vote for Trump in the primaries and I certainly find such talk disgraceful and sinful. I refuse to take part in such talk. But I can’t see how anyone would rather have Hillary.

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