Why Evangelicals Need to Rethink Embrace of Contraception, Part One

I used to think like most evangelicals when it came to family planning. I strongly opposed abortion, but embraced contraception and thought Catholic objections to birth control were on par with praying to Mary. Abortion, I reasoned, takes an innocent life and is clearly wrong. But contraception merely prevents conception. What could be wrong with

An Interview with Allan Carlson: Why Evangelicals Only Recently Came to Accept Contraception

If you’re like me, and came of age after 1970, you likely can’t remember a time when evangelicals actually opposed contraception. However, the majority of evangelicals only recently came to accept contraception. In fact, before 1960, we were almost unanimously opposed to it. Then came fears of overpopulation and Paul Ehrlich’s famous, but now largely discredited

Why Women Feel “Betrayed” By Their Bodies

Why would a woman feel “the oppressiveness of her biology” and “betrayed by (her) body” simply because she’s pregnant? Okay, I admit I rarely experienced morning sickness, so my perspective is probably somewhat skewed. But even so, I always delighted in my pregnant body. Sure, it had its challenges, but those were nothing compared to

Re-thinking Contraception

Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, claims this one thing has had as great an impact on human beings as any development since the Fall.  Is he talking about the scientific revolution?  The printing press?  The fall of Rome?  No, he’s referring to a tiny object that fits in the palm of

What does it mean to honor mothers in a society where preventing motherhood is a multi-billion dollar industry?

Feminists this month are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill. This wonderful invention, they gush, gloriously separated sexually active women from motherhood – with or without their partner’s consent. “Nearly 100-percent effective,” writes a professor at the University of Minnesota, “the pill allowed women to enjoy sex freed from the fear of