Why Christians Should Eat a Seder Meal

On Monday, my family will be celebrating a Seder meal with Jewish believing friends of ours who co-lead a small group with us at our church. We have celebrated Seder meals before and have found that the experience deepens our appreciation and understanding for Jesus as our Passover lamb. However, Christianity Today just published a

Oh Come Let Us Adore… Family? What Skipping Church on Christmas Really Means

Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, which has some churchgoers in a tizzy. They were looking forward to opening presents in their pajamas, eating a big breakfast, and showering after noon. And they’re quite perturbed that church will be disrupting their normal Christmas routine. Some pastors aren’t especially thrilled either. They were looking forward

Marketing Easter?

Should churches go “all out” marketing their Easter services?  A church marketing website thinks they should – and is offering ideas for flyers, billboards and cool Easter services. One church–the Church on Strayer, in Toledo, Ohio—is even offering a free house to one lucky attender Easter morning! After all, more people are willing to come

A Fairy-Tale Gospel

I love fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel. Though some may dismiss them as cheesy children’s stories, I believe they express deep spiritual truths. They commonly feature a damsel in distress – someone under a witch’s spell, or imprisoned in a tower, or in need of a radical makeover to attend a ball. Coming to