Contributing Editor for Christianity Today Faces Conflict of Interest Questions After Accepting Car From James MacDonald

“Got me a 1971 Beetle,” announced Ed Stetzer on Facebook last April, adding that he and his daughter were planning to restore the classic Volkswagen car. However, what Stetzer didn’t mention was how he had obtained the car. And now Stetzer, the executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College and a contributing

#TheologyAndUnityMatter: A Better Way to Fight Racism & Injustice

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is facing sharp criticism because it promoted Black Lives Matter at its Urbana 15 student missions conference last week, but spe­cifically excluded to two student pro-life groups. In an op-ed in the Christian Post, Students For Life President Kristan Hawkins and Rock for Life President Erik Whittington wrote: “While InterVarsity denied Students

Christian Leaders Divided On Accepting Syrian Refugees

Twenty-seven governors, including several who identify as Christians, are refusing Syrian refugees. Similarly, all the main GOP presidential candidates are urging the federal government to do the same. This has caused some Christian leaders to call foul, saying these politicians are forgetting the biblical passages like Matthew 25:41-43, which call on Christians to welcome the stranger.