Conservatives Don’t Need Spokesmen Like Paige Patterson; We Need a Better Vision of Manhood & Womanhood

Paige Patterson, the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and hero to many conservatives, is fighting for his professional life after his regrettable remarks concerning battered wives and a “very attractive” and “built” teenage girl.  While many evangelicals are calling for Patterson’s resignation, including nearly 3,000 Baptist women, some are defending him. In fact, one

What’s Worth Celebrating in the Evangelical Community this Thanksgiving?

We certainly hear plenty today about what’s wrong in the Evangelical Community: Millenials are deserting the church; giving is down; pastors like Mark Driscoll are embroiled in scandal; etc… Yet, much is right and worth celebrating in the Evangelical community, as well. So, I asked several prominent Evangelicals from several different contexts – What are