Why Pope’s Response to a Gay Man is Wrong, But in Line With Many Evangelicals

It was the most depressing conference I’ve ever attended. For two days, people on different sides of the gay issue debated how Christians should counsel those with same-sex attraction. Some pushed for gay affirmation and full acceptance of same-sex relationships; others upheld the Bible’s prohibition on homosexuality and urged gays to remain celibate. Many expressed

Faith News In Focus: Planned Parenthood Exposed, Pastor Abedini Left Out of Iran Deal, and the Divorce Rate on the Decline

Planned Parenthood Exposed, Investigations Promised A secretly-recorded video caught Planed Parenthood’s senior director of medical services describing how the organization sells the body parts of aborted babies. The shocking and disgusting video spread like wildfire on social media, and three congressional committees said they would investigate the issue, in addition to state-led investigations across the

Why Julie Rodgers is Right — and Tragically Wrong

Julie Rodgers, a counselor in the Chaplain’s Office at Wheaton College, announced Monday that she supports same-sex relationships and resigned her position at the college. Rodgers, who identified as a gay, celibate Christian, said she no longer sees celibacy as a viable option for most self-identified gays. In a blog post, Rodgers wrote, “When young

Q Gay Discussion a Mixed Bag

I am in Boston this week, attending my third Q conference. And like the Q conferences I’ve attended before, this one is inspiring, thought-provoking – and unsettling. Many of Thursday’s sessions addressed the gay dilemma in the church, either directly or indirectly. Though several conference speakers, including Q founder Gabe Lyons, upheld an orthodox Christian

Lessons I Learned Writing “Wheaton’s Gay, Celibate Christian” Part 2: The State of Christian Journalism

Tweet PART TWO OF A TWO-PART SERIES: A couple of days ago, I shared some of my thoughts on how Christians are thinking through the gay issue in the aftermath of my WORLD article. I’m continuing to mull over those thoughts and others as more Christian leaders weigh in on this discussion. I especially appreciated Owen