Meet Alexis Lightcap — The Brave Woman Challenging Transgender Bathrooms

Meet Alexis Lightcap—the brave, young woman taking a stand against her high school’s policy of allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. After a frightening encounter with a boy in the girl’s bathroom, Alexis complained to administrators and was told there was nothing she could do. But Lightcap refused

Faith News in Focus: Attorney General Hasn’t Reviewed Planned Parenthood Videos, 1,000 Churches Closed in Indonesia, and More

Though the issue of Syrian refugees dominated headlines this week, there also were several important developments concerning abortion and religious liberty. Key among them was the U.S. Attorney General’s admission that she hasn’t even viewed the undercover Planned Parenthood videos — and Planned Parenthood’s announcement that it will spend $20-million to defeat pro-life candidates! Meanwhile,

Four Ways Christians Should Respond to the Supreme Court Decision

One of my favorite TV scenes from childhood is when the Whos in Whoville gather on Christmas morning to sing, despite the Grinch allegedly stealing their Christmas. I know it’s cheesy, but I think Dr. Suess’ story has become a Christmas classic because it expresses a meaningful truth. Yes, the Grinch could take the Whos

Forgiveness for Charleston Shooter, a Supreme Court Victory for an Arizona Church, and Saeed Abedini’s 1,000th Day in Prison

Our nation grieves for the families of the church shooting victims in Charleston, while marveling at their forgiveness and love.  Truly, this response showed that in our darkest hour, Christ’s light shines the brightest. Meanwhile, Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention urges South Carolina to remove a flag that’s become a symbol of racism;

Christian Persecution, Pro-Life Success, and Capitulation on Same-Sex Marriage

Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East continues to dominate faith news this week. Meanwhile at home, two prominent evangelical leaders capitulate on same-sex marriage; pro-life activists in Wisconsin make major gains; and one of my favorite authors explains how ordinary Christians can develop a strong evangelical mind.  All this and more in this