Debunking the Five Myths Repeated by Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood actually instructs its supporters to “treat tough questions as general issues and don’t respond to specifics.” There’s a good reason for that.  It’s because Planned Parenthood’s talking points bear little resemblance to the truth. A series of undercover videos last year exposed America to the depraved practices of its number-one abortion provider. But, Planned

With Critical Abortion Votes Looming, OK Senator Urges Pope to Discuss “Biblical” Life Issues

This week, the U. S. Senate is considering bills to ban abortions after 20 weeks; to defund Planned Parenthood; and to hold abortion providers criminally liable for failing to provide medical care to babies born alive. Despite this, Pope Francis reportedly will focus his comments during his U.S. visit on climate change, not life issues.

Faith News in Focus: House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood, Court Sides with Religious Employers

House Takes Action to Defund Planned Parenthood, Protect Babies Born Alive The U.S. House of Representatives voted 241-187 to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday in response to the undercover videos exposing the organization’s practice of harvesting and selling body parts. The Center for Medical Progress released it’s 10th undercover video earlier this week. The House

10th Sting Video Shows Planned Parenthood Won’t “be bullied by ridiculous laws”; Hides Organ-trafficking

A 10th sting video released today by the Center for Medical Progress shows that Planned Parenthood knew that affiliates were illegally selling baby body parts. And, they actually coached affiliates on how to hide it! Captured on the video is a revealing conversation between Deb VanDerhei, national director of Consortium of Abortion Providers at Planned

Abortion Survivor Hopes Testimony Will Change America’s Apathy

Like many pro-life activists, Gianna Jessen is heartened that the recent sting videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting and selling aborted baby parts has energized the pro-life movement. But, she’s also angered by what she sees as widespread apathy. “I’m thankful that there is an uprising over them, but I’m astonished that the entire

New Video Suggests Planned Parenthood Is Harvesting Parts From Babies that “just fell out”

A ninth undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s trade in fetal body parts released today reveals that sometimes babies drop out of their mothers in clinics before they’re fully aborted. Though the taped conversation doesn’t say what’s done to these babies, the context indicates that these live babies may be killed and harvested for parts. The video

Faith News in Focus: Hillary Clinton Compares Pro-Life Americans to Terrorists, Rubio Tops Evangelical Presidential Survey

Who in the US does Hillary Clinton compare to terrorists? (Hint: It might be you.) Who topped a survey of evangelical leaders’ presidential preferences? Which communist country finally lifted its ban on Bible distribution? What priceless historical treasure did ISIS destroy this week?  Where can you see the world’s oldest Bible in the coming months? And, after almost 500

New Video Gives Stunning Look Inside Trade in Fetal Body Parts: “No hands and feet…attached…Make it so that we don’t know what it is.”

A new video released by the Centers for Medical Progress (CMP) provides more evidence that Planned Parenthood sold entire aborted babies to StemExpress, a company that procures fetal tissue from clinics and then sells it to research laboratories. It also gives a revealing look inside the gruesome trade of fetal body parts, which reportedly repulses

Judge Removes Injunction; New Video Shows Executive Laughing About Dead Fetuses

A California Judge this afternoon lifted an injunction restricting The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) from releasing videos it secretly took involving executives with StemExpress, a company that buys fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood. Immediately, the CMP released a new video showing Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress, laughing about receiving intact dead fetuses from Planned