Six Free Apps to Boost Your Spiritual Life

While millions are glued to their cell phones playing Pokemon Go this summer, you can actually use your phone to do something productive – to grow spiritually and to advance the kingdom of God! Thanks to ingenious phone apps developed for Christians, you can listen to sermons from world-renown preachers, discover new ways to memorize

Understanding Millennial Christians: An Interview with Carson Nyquist

Millennial Christians: They’re more likely to accept gay rights, support Black Lives Matter, drink alcohol and get tattoos. And quite frankly, they’re an enigma to much of my generation. So, this Saturday, I’ve invited several Millennial Christians to join me in studio to discuss our differences on Up For Debate. I also interviewed Carson Nyquist,

Is Modern Apologetics a Threat to Faith? –  A Preview of Saturday’s Debate

“Apologetics itself might be the single biggest threat to genuine Christian faith that we face today.”  So says Myron Bradley Penner, an Anglican priest and author of “The End of Apologetics:  Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context.”  This is a pretty bold assertion, especially given that apologetics is widely revered in many evangelical circles, as

What is Hyper-grace And Why Is It Controversial?

Some say the hyper-grace movement is a new reformation bringing Christians new hope and clarity.  Others say it’s a perversion of the Gospel, leading to backsliding and compromise.  The movement was thrust into the limelight when one of its leading voices, Tullian Tchividjian, former pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, admitted an affair and filed for

How Do I Discern God’s Will?

While researching for today’s program, I came across this video on “How Do I Discern God’s Will?” on a YouTube Channel called, “The Spiritual Howcast.” I really like this guy. I appreciate how he talks to both Christians and non-Christians at the same time. And, I like how he explains spiritual issues in a clever

Three Reasons Christians Should Think Twice About Yoga

Can yoga be completely stripped of Hinduism and even “Christianized”? Many Christians believe it can. In fact, some churches and Christian colleges, like Wheaton College and Gordon College, even offer yoga classes. Christian yoga proponents admit that yoga originated as a form of Hindu worship. But, as an article posted to the Wheaton College website