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More than $78.6 Million in PPP Funds Go to Televangelists, Megachurches, & Large Media Ministries

By Julie Roys
Joel Osteen Lakewood Church
Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, received $4.4 million in PPP funds. (Photo courtesy)

The federal government issued more than $78.6 million in Paycheck Program Protection (PPP) funds to televangelists, megachurches, and large media ministries this year, according to The Trinity Foundation, a televangelism watchdog group.

Among the top recipients were several well-known evangelical ministries, including Richard DeHaan’s Our Daily Bread Ministries ($3.4 million); Willow Creek Community Church ($5.7 million); Craig Groeschel’s Life.Church ($7 million); Greg Laurie’s Harvest Christian Fellowship ($3 million); and J.D. Greear’s Summit Church ($2.8 million). 

Also receiving funds were three ministries rocked by scandal this past year: Ravi Zacharias International Ministries ($1.6 million); Gospel for Asia ($612K); and Carl Lentz‘ Hillsong NYC & Hillsong Channel (totaling $803K).

Many televangelists received funds, as well, including Joyce Meyer Ministries ($5.1 million); Joel Osteen ($4.4 million); T.D. Jakes ($2.6 million); and Paula White ($259K). 

“Keep in mind that some of these ministries engage in excessive compensation and own expensive luxury jets,” The Trinity Foundation wrote. “Perhaps they wouldn’t ‘need’ a loan if they practiced responsible financial stewardship.”

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The Paycheck Protection Program was aimed at saving jobs. However, one major recipient, Willow Creek Community Church, recently cut 92 staff positions.

The following table is published courtesy of The Trinity Foundation:

Head of Organization Loan Recipient Organization Amount of Loan Jobs Retained Files a Form 990 TV Ministry Notes About Organization
Che Ahn Harvest Rock Church $311,241 34 No Yes Che Ahn’s TV program airs on God TV.
Ernest Angley Grace Cathedral $375,890 83 No Yes Televangelist Ernest Angley was sued for sexual abuse and settled a lawsuit out of court, according to The Columbus Dispatch.
Sonny Arguinzoni Victory Outreach International $465,072 42 No No Sonny Arguinzoni’s outreach to gangs and drug addicts has been criticized for manipulative practices.
Jim Bakker Morningside Church Productions Inc. $444,400 39 No Yes Televangelist Jim Bakker is currently embroiled in litigation after his TV program promoted silver solution as a cure for coronavirus.
Jim Bakker Morningside Church Retreat Inc. $198,700 18 No No  
Jim Bakker Morningside Church Management $194,200 21 No Maybe  
Mark Barclay Living Word International $317,440 38 No Yes Living Word International also operates under the trade name Mark Barclay Ministries. The church owns a Hawker 800XP jet. Mark Barclay’s TV program airs on VTN.
Jonathan Bernis Jewish Voice $894,610 73 Yes Yes Produces the TV program Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis.
John and Lisa Bevere Messenger International $542,859 37 No No Messenger International may have stopped filing the Form 990 after 2017. Basic financial information is available because of their membership in ECFA.
Rick Bezet New Life Church of Arkansas $2,288,200 498 No No Multisite church has sixteen campuses.
Mike Bickle International House of Prayer $2,514,300 473 No Maybe Creating confusion, two different organizations founded by Bickle operate as International House of Prayer. This IHOP operates as a religious order, as explained in a Christian Sentinel article.  IHOP stopped filing a Form 990 after 2015.
Mike Bickle International House of Prayer —  Forerunner Christian Fellowship $2,514,300* 61 No Yes

Creating confusion, two different organizations founded by Bickle operate as International House of Prayer. This IHOP operates as a church and is a member of ECFA which publishes basic financial information. IHOP operates a 24 hour per day streaming channel of their services. (*Amount updated)

Brady Boyd New Life Church (Colorado Springs) $1,783,255 163 No No Megachurch once pastored by Ted Haggard.
Claud Bowers Associated Christian Television System Inc $168,200 18 Yes Yes Operates TV station WACX in Orlando, Florida.
Greg Bradshaw* Harvest Bible Chapel $2,556,200 289 No No Megachurch previously pastored by James MacDonald.
Joseph Branham Voice of God Recordings $1,162,500 107 Yes No Distributes sermons by William Branham. Branham, who died in 1965, actually helped launch the career of cult leader and mass murderer Jim Jones.
Tony and Cynthia Brazelton Victory Christian Ministries International $319,852 27 No Yes Church owns a Sabreliner jet. TV program airs on The Word Network.
Jamal Bryant New Birth Missionary Baptist Church $462,165 42 No Yes After pastor and televangelist Eddie Long died, Jamal Bryant was selected to be the church’s new pastor. Television program airs on Sundays on The Word Network.
Happy Caldwell Victory Television Network $219,100 21 Yes Yes  At the end of 2018 Victory Television Network had $14 million in total assets which included a cash reserve of more than $1 million.
Morris Cerullo Morris Cerullo World Evangelism $923,700 89 No Yes In December 2019, Cerullo’s ministry opened a $190 million themed resort. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the project was built debt-free.  Morris Cerullo died July 10th, 2020.
Neville Chankersingh Christian Television Corporation $1,064,900 115 Yes Yes Television network broadcasting from Florida.
Ryan Collins Bethel School of Technology $230,000 23 Yes No Related to Bethel Redding. No employees reported on latest Form 990.
Matthew Crouch Trinity Broadcasting of Texas $3,308,005 336 Yes Yes Trinity Broadcasting of Texas is  a smaller affiliate of Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, the original parent organization of TBN, with reportedly more than $1 billion in assets in 2018 including $488 million of publicly traded securities. Trinity Broadcasting of Florida, also a subsidiary, owns a large private jet at Matthew Crouch’s disposal—a Bombardier “Global Express”, N3PC.
Jim Cymbala The Brooklyn Tabernacle $1,466,105 149 No No The Brooklyn Tabernacle features one of America’s best known church choirs.
Richard DeHaan Jr RBC Ministries $3,425,000 107 Yes No Better known by the trade Our Daily Bread Ministries.
Gregory Dickow Life Changers International Church $426,300 67 No Yes Produces the TV program Power to Change Today.
Dave Dummitt Willow Creek Community Church $5,683,425 353 No No After previous pastor Bill Hybels was removed because of sexual harassment allegations, Dave Dummitt was selected to be the new pastor.
Dr. Tony Evans Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship $2,378,260 245 No Yes Dr. Tony Evans’s ministry Urban Alternative produces his radio program. His TV program airs on TBN.
Sean Feucht Sean Feucht Ministries $20,800 1 Yes No Worship leader at Bethel Redding.
Jentezen Franklin Free Chapel Orange County $370,170 29 No Yes Satellite campus in Irvine, California.
Jentezen Franklin Free Chapel Worship Center $1,714,855 134 No Yes Hosts the TV program Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin. His church is a member of ECFA which discloses basic financial information.
Debra Fraser Total Living International $208,000 15 Yes Yes Operates the Total Living Network.
Steven Furtick Elevation Church $3,656,700 377 No Yes MinistryWatch reported that Elevation Church ended 2019 with a cash surplus of $26 million. Furtick’s TV program airs on TBN.
Eric Geiger Mariners Church $2,700,000 No No In 2018, Outreach Magazine listed Mariners Church as the 21st largest church in America, with  an average attendance of 13,651.
Jack Graham Prestonwood Christian Academy $3,353,800 0 No No School operated by Prestonwood Baptist Church.
WV Grant Eagles Nest Churches $39,200 4 No Yes After ABC Prime Time Live’s Diane Sawyer and Trinity Foundation investigated and discreditied WV Grant in the early 1990s, the televangelist was convicted of tax evasion.
John Gray The Relentless Church $1,250,000 151 No Yes The church purchased a $1.8 million home for pastor John Gray who is currently in a legal battle with televangelist Ron Carpenter whose church previously occupied the church property.
Craig Groeschel Life. Church Operations, LLC $7,007,000 451 No No Life. Church is well known for its Youversion Bible app.  (the period in the name is intentional)
J.D. Greear Summit Church $2,306,000 264 No No Pastor Greear is currently serving as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Kenneth  Hagin Rhema Bible Church $1,487,115 212 No Yes Rhema Bible Church owns a Canadair/Bombardier Challenger, N91KH. Their TV program Rhema Praise airs on Daystar.
Mac Hammond Living Word Christian Center $2,782,600 397 No Yes Several weeks before applying for the PPP loan,  LWCC purchased telelvangelist Jesse Duplantis’ old Falcon 50 jet. Hammond’s church also owns another private jet, a Cessna 650, N178HL, which it obtained in the fall of 2019.  Hammond, a aviation enthusiast, also owns a jet fighter trainer.
Benny Hinn World Healing Center Church $684,600 25 No Yes Benny Hinn Ministries is a tradename registered to World Healing Center Church. Hinn’s TV audience significantly shrank after his TV program was removed from TBN. In 2017, the Internal Revenue Service and postal inspectors raided the church after obtaining a search warrant. Trinity Foundation investigators strongly suspect that Hinn immediately hired a defense attorney and paid the IRS millions of dollars to prevent a criminal trial.
David Holsten Mission Aviation Fellowship $2,080,000 199 No No Mission Aviation Fellowship is an ECFA member and reported almost $87 million in total assets in 2018.
Larry Huch Freedom Center DFW $514,132 47 No Yes Larry and Tiz Huch’s TV program New Beginnings airs on Daystar.
T.D. Jakes Potter’s House of Dallas, The $2,568,898 270 No Yes TD Jakes Ministries is a trade name registered to the church.
Robert Jeffress First Baptist Church of Dallas $2,277,135 293 No Yes Pastor Jeffress’ TV program Pathway to Victory airs on various religious TV networks.
Robert Jeffress First Baptist Academy $409,025 68 No No School operated by First Baptist Church of Dallas.
Robert Jeffress First Baptist Medical Center $1,566,900 89 No No Medical clinic operated by First Baptist Church of Dallas.
David Jeremiah Shadow Mountain Community Church $2,059,674 248 No Yes David Jeremiah’s ministry Turning Point for God  reported $22 million in assets on its 2018 Form 990.
Brian Johnson Bethel Music $852,200 58 Yes Maybe Related to Bethel Redding. No employees reported on its 2018 Form 990.
Steve Johnson Cornerstone Television $548,492 69 Yes Yes Cable TV channel broadcasting from Pennsylvania.
Daniel Kolenda Christ for All Nations $703,146 45 Yes Yes Evangelistic ministry founded by the late Reinhard Bonnke. Christ for All Nations airs on TBN and God TV.
Marcus and Joni Lamb Word of God Fellowship $3,913,200 303 No Yes Word of God Fellowship is the parent organization of Daystar Television Network. Daystar purchased a Gulfstream V shortly after being approved for the PPP loan. In response to Inside Edition investigating the jet, the network paid back its PPP loan with interest. Lamb denies paying for the jet with PPP money.
Christopher Larson Ligonier Ministries $1,982,574 160 jobs Yes Yes Theologian R.C. Sproul founded the ministry which publishes Tabletalk magazine and operates Reformation Bible College. The late Sproul is not usually thought of as a televangelist but his sermons are broadcast on NRB TV.  
Greg Laurie Harvest Christian Fellowship $2,962,300 410 No Yes Greg Laurie’s sermons are broadcast on TBN.
previously Carl Lentz Hillsong Channel $179,300 17 No Yes The Hillsong Channel was created in a partnership between TBN and Hillsong.  Lentz was fired from Hillsong in the beginning of November due to an affair and a successor has yet to be chosen.
previously Carl Lentz Hillsong NYC LLC $623,500 43 No Yes Hillsong’s American churches are registered as limited liability companies, an unusual practice, but not illegal.  Lentz was fired from Hillsong in the beginning of November due to an affair and a successor has yet to be chosen.
Guillermo Maldonado Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús $2,027,537 287 No Yes Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús is reportedly America’s largest hispanic church and is located in Miami. Maldonado’s ministry owns a Dassault Falcon 50 jet, N37KH.
Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer Ministries $5,084,900 402 No Yes Joyce Meyer Ministries is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability which provides basic financial information about the ministry.  Joyce Meyer Ministries also owns a Gulfstream IV jet.
Paul Morton Greater St Stephen Full Gospel $253,282 30 No Yes Morton is pastor of two megachurches and his TV program airs on The Word Network.
Todd and Julie Mullins Christ Fellowship Church  $4,613,992 448 No No Multi-site church with almost 30,000 attendees before covid-19.
Joel Osteen Lakewood Church $4,436,224 368 No Yes Osteen’s Lakewood Church is the largest megachurch in the U.S.  None of the loan was used for his salary.  The church did not apply for the loan initially and the loan was granted in the July / August period.
Rod Parsley World Harvest Church $1,771,400 165 No Yes Televangelist Rod Parsley’s TV program Breakthrough airs on Word Network.
Peter Popoff People United for Christ $512,667 68 No Yes In 1986, on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show guest James Randi revealed that televangelist Popoff received messages from his wife over a radio receiver, rather than from God. Video of the broadcast is on YouTube.
Frederick Price Crenshaw Christian Center Church $1,884,847 157 No Yes The TV program Ever Increasing Faith With Fred K. Price is broadcast on TBN and Daystar.
Richard Roberts Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association $369,200 54 Yes Yes Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association has lost more than half its employees since 2017. In 2019 the ministry reported $3 million in assets.
Touré and Sarah Jakes Roberts Potter’s House of Denver $229,800 22 No No Sarah Jakes Roberts, daughter of T.D. Jakes was in the news for purchasing a $4 million home.
Sid Roth The Messianic Vision $589,600 0 No Yes The TV program Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural is known for featuring people claiming to have messages from God. The guests are often questionable.
Robert “Bobby” Schuller Crystal Cathedral Ministries $414,709 Unknown No Yes Produces the Hour of Power TV program.
Jay Sekulow and Pat Robertson American Center for Law & Justice $1,232,300 87 Yes Yes Jay Sekulow is the CEO of the organization and Pat Robertson is president. Gary Sekulow is the CFO of this organization and Jay Sekulow’s related organization Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, which uses the tradename American Center for Law and Justice.  It’s 2019 form 990 reported $58 million in total assets of which $31 million are invested in publicly traded securities.  Sekulow’s TV program airs on TBN.
David and Vicki Shearin Word of Life Christian Center $398,000 76 No Yes Produces the TV show The Word for Living.
Kerry Shook Fellowship of the Woodlands Church $1,485,100 175 No Yes TV program is featured on TBN.
Ward Simpson Angel Christian Trust Inc $239,765 14 Yes Yes Angel Christian Trust is better known as God TV.
Judah Smith Churchome $1,622,942 115 No No This megachurch, previously named City Church, is located near Seattle, Washington.
Johnson Suleman Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide $188,252 16 No Yes Johnson Suleman is a Nigerian pastor and televangelist.
Andrew Sumrall Family Broadcasting Corporation $1,196,600 70 jobs No Yes Family Broadcasting was founded by televangelist Lester Sumrall and was originally named LeSea Broadcasting.
Jimmy Swaggart Family Worship Center $2,612,687 330 No Yes Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is a trade name registered to Family Worship Center.
Chuck Swindoll Stonebriar Community Church $1,779,800 399 No No Swindoll also oversees the non-profit organization Insight for Living which produces a radio program of the same name.
David E. Taylor Joshua Media Ministries International $31,400 3 No Yes Taylor’s TV program Miracle Mondays is broadcast on The Word Network.  The link is for a 2017 form 990.  Taylor appears to have stopped filing them.
Mark Taylor Tyndale House Ministries $4,185,645 222 Yes No The ministry began operating in 2019.
Casey Treat Christian Faith Center $506,600 63 No Yes Casey Treat’s TV program airs on the Hillsong Channel
Kris Vallotton Bethel Media $496,300 77 Yes Yes Related to Bethel Redding. Almost $2.5 million in total assets and no employees were reported on latest Form 990 (2018). Bethel Media runs Bethel TV which operates as a premium subscription web-based TV channel.
Rick Warren Purpose Driven Connection 511,000 38 Yes No In their most recent Form 990 (2018), Purpose Driven Connection reports zero employees.
Rick Warren Purpose Driven Publishers 211,600 13 No No In 2019 Purpose Driven Communications changed its name to Purpose Driven Publishers.Although corporate papers indicate this organization is a non-profit, there is no record of either name in the IRS database.
Michael Warsaw Eternal Word Television Network $4,677,500 0 Yes Yes In 2018, Eternal Word Television Network reported $4 million in total assets.
Jane Whaley Word of Faith Fellowship $271,860 58 No No Trinity Foundation sent an undercover employee into this church in 1994 resulting in an Inside Edition esposé.  Often classified as a cult, the church isolates members from their families and is the target of an investigative book titled Broken Faith: Inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, One of America’s Most Dangerous Cults.  
Paula White City of Destiny $259,200 30 No Yes Paula White’s TV program The Walk airs on Daystar.  Formerly known as the New Destiny Christian Center.
Rick Wiles Flowing Streams Church $294,365 Unknown No Yes Trunews with Rick Wiles airs on TCT Network. PPP loan was obtained with the name “Office of the senior pastor and president of the The Flowing Str.”
Bill Winston Living Word Christian Center $1,879,310 147 No Yes Televangelist pastors Bill Winston and Mac Hammond both have churches with the same name. Winston’s church also owns a private Gulfstream IV jet, N316VB. While the church doesn’t file a Form 990, Bill Winston Ministries does file. 
Frank Wright Coral Ridge Ministries Media Inc $354,665 25 Yes Yes Producer of the Coral Ridge Hour which features the sermons of the late D. James Kennedy.
KP Yohannan Gospel for Asia $611,800 0 No No In 2019, Gospel for Asia spent $37 million settling a lawsuit after being accused of fraud. Bloggers carefully reported on the scandal, unlike the religious press, according to journalist Julie Roys.
Ed Young Jr Fellowship Church $1,520,345 134 No Yes Ed Young Jr’s sermons are broadcast on TBN.
Ravi Zacharias Ravi Zacharias Ministries International $1,575,700 102 No Yes Let My People Think With Ravi Zacharias airs on Vision TV. Basic financial information is available because RZIM is a member of ECFA. Accusations of sexual abuse have surfaced regarding Zacharias who died in May 2020.

*Greg Bradshaw resigned from Harvest Bible Chapel in October.
This article has been updated to correct a misspelling. 



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43 Responses

  1. Our church chose not to take the money, it was tempting as my pastor said but in the end we said no.
    Guess what, God provided for our needs and our church has never been stronger financially. Maybe it was a test. As Hudson Taylor said” God’s work done God’s way will never suffer lack.” Of course maybe this was God’s provision to use public money to keep ministries afloat, I dunno. ( I doubt it) We will see if this ministers have to pay it back, many of these ministers live high on the hog. I would not be opposed to government wanting their money back.,

    1. This is why people are so turned off of Christianity. Greedy ministries Gods judgement is coming. Jesus had know where to lay his head but these greedy ministries live high on the hog at taxpayers expense.

    2. Thanks for mentioning Hudson Taylor, Chuck. One of the best books I’ve ever read is “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret”. One of the key themes of the book is echoed in your comment about God providing for His work. My pastor used to say “what God orders, He pays for”. I’ve seen His providence and provision for the church and in my life in so many ways and am so thankful for His promise to provide – particularly in difficult times such as these.

  2. If it was a ministry for a hospital (I saw one on the list), rescue mission to the homeless, or food bank, I get it. The other stuff…how churches be so critical of government and then line up at the trough as soon as money is available? And, once you have taken the money, there is no telling what Uncle Sam might want to know about your finances. My church never even asked for money, and we’ve added new members and they have expanded ministry to a couple of different groups in our community via zoom.

    1. These scumbags benefit from tax breaks and call there mega mansions parsonages and then steal taxpayers money. Matthew 7 tells there stories. And the useless sheeple who support and tithe to these grifters are as disgusting.

  3. I feel sick reading this. Just sick. WHERE is the accountability from those whom we “think” are in our camp?? Yes, we can scorn the Prosperity types and not be surprised but many many names on here are from “orthodox” groups. WHERE and under WHOM will the accountability occur? At times like this it is sure nice for churches in the SBC (at least 3 on this list would fall in that category) to play that, “each church is autonomous” card. I am SBC. I have had the scales removed….

    1. I also feel sick. One in particular disappointed me. What a double standard these folks have! I think of all the small businesses that needed the help and were denied because funds ran out! This is heartbreaking. What path is our churches going down!

  4. Thank God for IN TOUCH MINISTRIES (Dr Charles Stanley)
    Doesn’t even live in a mansion.


    Dr. Stanley is an EXAMPLE.

    “Trust God and leave all the consequences to Him.”

    Dr. Charles Stanley

    1. I love Dr. Stanley! He has been my “spiritual father” since 1986! He does not know me, but God gave him to me. And I thank God for him and In Touch Ministries. What a blessing to the Body of Christ!

  5. Brothers and Sisters, let us not be too quick to criticize those who received funds from the government. I understand that there are some on the list who are “living large.” Sometimes God used the pagan kings to support His work. Read the Book of Ezra.

    1. Edward you as evil as they are and unless you were born stupid these grifters are NOT my brother or sisters. They are wolfs in sheep’s clothing. Grow a pair an be more like John the Baptist. Then Kenneth copelands lackey.

    2. Up yours you Kenneth Copeland and Paula white wanna be. They are all thiefs and grifters and for you to support them your just as bad.

    3. Enough of this type of thinking. These ministries have been doing this for years!! I know if one in particular that didn’t need that money. They held share-a-thon the entire time and even collected more in that time than usual. Disappointing!!

  6. It’s sad when restaurants and small businesses are hurting and some got nothing. Those living high should help them out instead of being so greedy. Do these ministries not believe that the Lord will provide instead of taking from the government.

  7. Just a reminder, not making excuses for churches that have jets, or 20 million in savings. But the purpose of the PPP loans were to protect JOBS during a government shut-down of businesses, including churches. The money, if used correctly, for the most part made it possible that secretaries, youth pastors etc… could still draw salaries and provide for their families. This is not some great conspiracy or even hypocrisy that church leaders acted to protect those employees wages in case things turned upside down. It was not just a good for their church, but it was a good for communities and families. Our smaller church requested these funds, but then returned any money after we realized things would be fine. Shame on any church who used those funds for any other reason however.

    1. I agree completely. While I also would not endorse the excessive lifestyle of some mega ministry leaders, many businesses, churches, and private schools were kept afloat with PPP money. Many churches saw a significant drop in giving, since some members lost their jobs and worked for larger companies not eligible for PPP loans.
      PPP money was in fact a loan, that had to be paid back if not used for the correct purpose. Application was made via the primary bank of the business. This money truly kept some people from losing their homes and business from closing. Also keep in mind many businesses were forced to close for several months by order of state health departments. Some ministries may not have been included in Freedom of Worship exceptions in health closing orders.

      1. I could agree with this IF I could see every penny of accountability: before they received this money and after – where EXACTLY it went. This is crucial. I don’t believe any of the listed above “receivers” of this money has any plan to do this – I hope I am wrong. Again, I am an SBCer who always thought the entire “autonomous churches” was a good thing. But the more I read the Word and come to know that yes, the heart if more deceitful than all else, I realize that accountability is vital to the life of a denomination, a church and the individuals in the church – from the pastor to the newest member.

  8. I challenge any of these clodhoppers, er, uh, I mean celebrity pastors to preach from 1 Timothy 6:6 ff sometime. It would be fun to see them squirm in their Guccis and ridiculous sneakers and torn-up jeans as they work through what Paul recorded for us:

    But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. – ESV

    It is unconscionable that millions of dollars were squandered on these “semi-ministerial” (and that used loosely) businesses, while mom-and-pop shops were cut out completely. While a great plan, the PPP was certainly administered foolishly and with no real oversight nor controls to minimize financial toomfoolery, it would seem.

  9. Prosperity Pastors…
    SELL your Lear Jets…
    REDUCE your multi million dollar compounds…
    convert these funds into EMPLOYEE Salary and Insurance payments…
    This is just for starters…
    Use these funds to support your employees and their families…

    I cannot speak for others, but the Church where I attend has experienced INCREASE since the ongoing pandemic began.

    Difficult to believe giving has dropped to such a disproportionate level at the megachurches…

    That upwards to millions were necessary.

  10. Julie this chart was not really helpful because I am a “Moneyball” man. Today, churches should be building their “ministry” team here in the US on just just 2 vital statistics and 2 vital statistics only. So start looking at the SQB average and PSC average:
    SQB average = Square footage of the CEO-Pastor’s Mansion/#Baptisms
    PSSC average =CEO-Pastor’s Salary/# Salvation Claims
    I for one believe that these pastor/CEO’s need bigger and bigger barns (mansions) and bigger and bigger salaries so God’s team can win a few games. So back off everybody and start looking in the right place and Moneyball will become clear to you. Billy Bean

  11. Grifters gotta grift. Why I am not surprised? Gee I wonder why they were so adamant in their support and defense of their Cheeto Jesus in the White House?

  12. Because Trump bought them off, Many of those receiving the funds were on Trump’s advisory committee and preached Trumpism prior to the election, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  13. Never Trumpers strike again!!!
    So the “Cheeto” Jesus (?) is at fault here?
    Perhaps a Biden Presidency (bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese Party, were Christians are being persecuted) will make you feel better? How about the over 60,000,000+ babies MURDERED at the Liberal altar of “Progressivism”, their blood crying to you from the ground, will satisfy your hatred for the “Cheeto” Jesus? We have MASSIVE voter fraud all across the USA’s Presidential election, and all you want to do is look the other way…as long as the “Cheeto” Jesus doesn’t get re-elected? Get a grip, would ya?
    There is no excuse for these so called “ministries” of “Health & Wealth Go$pel” to exist. It is a FALSE gospel they preach. By the way, the so called Government giving out money…..doesn’t exist. It is taxpayers’ money…..our money….being given out. Nancy Pelosi was enjoying a sweet gourmet ice cream, about $15 a pint…..while holding back the so called “stimulus”……so the “Cheeto” Jesus wouldn’t get any credit…..and she’s a multimillionaire. On the list provided by Julie there are good, solid teachers of the Word of God. But we have to use wisdom to be able to separate the wheat from the tares…..something Julie….appears….to have failed to include. If anyone thinks Christ church has a perfect record, just read the 7 letters to the 7 churches in the Book of Revelation….a “report card” is included for each. Those churches in the first century… not exist today. God is in control. Whoever will sit in the Oval Office on January 2021, it will be because, the Lord of Hosts, our Sovereign LORD, will put him/her there. Read Daniel 2:21.
    In Defense of the Faith (Jude 1:3),

    1. My you have really drank the Kool-Aid, End-TImes/Election Fraud/Communists all in one posting. I am surprised you have quote QAnon or mentioned evil satan worshipers that kidnap kids and sacrifice them like Jack Chick and Mike Warnke. Look up the principle of Occam’s Razor and get a clue first.

      As for abortion, how has your Cheeto Jesus ended Roe V. Wade? On that’s right, he has hasn’t. That SCOTUS decision is still the law of the land and how many abortions in America occurred while Trump was POTUS (and let us not forget that both Trump and the GOP Congress still allocated taxpayer funds for PP). But then given the lifestyle of Trump, I am sure he has paid for abortions himself.

  14. I assume all of these “ministries” decry the secularization of america… yet these and other actions and accumulation of riches drives more people into the arms of the secular than most other forces…
    May the faithful followers of Jesus flee from these “business” establishments, and bring new life and their presence to the small, non-spectacular, humble houses of worship and communities of believers. And from those places of humility the real light of Jesus can shine.

  15. It seems over and over your reporting demonstrates at a macro level the American church is as best post-secular struggling to come to terms as how to properly morph that it will be accepted and thought well of by American secular culture. We are watching the acceptance of the redefining of Christian.

    1. LS5, The apostacy has been a long going event.
      These churches of darkness are flourishing by discrediting the Scriptures. Duping those who wanted to be duped.
      mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.
      Perhaps the next Mega-Church will have well padded reclining seats and offer popcorn & drinks for their Sunday entertainment.
      Here is Holy wisdom, the real Holy Spirit filled church is about to be persecuted.
      We must prepare our hearts now !
      We must rid ourselves of all things pertaining to the world. We must have without any reservation the strength of God-Jesus now in order to stand in that day.

    2. The apostasy of “the church”…after which The Church will be prosecuted…while the church prospers…

  16. Do the math on some of these large PPP loans – divide them by the number of employees. Our church took PPP money and was able to keep more than a hundred people employed, including custodians, building maintenance, child-care workers, receptionists, and yes, even pastors, when the church building was shut down. Average salary is $31,000 per year, which is minimum wage for a full-time employee in our state. Those people didn’t have to apply for unemployment, and were able to be paid. Money that isn’t used is required to be paid back. Just because a church or ministry took PPP money doesn’t mean they are preaching a prosperity-gospel, or that pastors are living large in a mansion on government money. It might mean that they were able to retain good workers and not put a hundred people out of a job.

  17. Not surprised these apostates filed then received millions . Money from the very Government that legalized Infantacide, homo sexual marriages, removed prayer from schools, removed the 10 commandments ” memorial” , is blatantly a hater of Holy God-Jesus and continues in it’s deviant behaviors.
    Hey a match made ” in hell”.
    Theses apostates will very shortly have to face our Holy Jesus . And then the accountability terror begins.

  18. The apostacy has been a long going event.
    These churches of darkness are flourishing by discrediting the Scriptures. Duping those who wanted to be duped.
    mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.
    Perhaps the next Mega-Church will have well padded reclining seats and offer popcorn & drinks for their Sunday entertainment.
    Here is Holy wisdom, the real Holy Spirit filled church is about to be persecuted.
    We must prepare our hearts now !
    We must rid ourselves of all things pertaining to the world. We must have without any reservation the strength of God-Jesus now in order to stand in that day.

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