Abortion is The Human Rights Issue of Our Day

By Julie Roys
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Every week for the past six weeks, Americans have learned new and horrifying details about Planned Parenthood’s trade in baby body parts. The videos have shown that Planned Parenthood clearly profits from the sale of these body parts; that Planned Parenthood abortionists perform partial-birth abortions, which have been outlawed; and, most shocking, that Planned Parenthood is harvesting organs from babies born alive. As I’ve watched every one of these videos, I, like many of you, have been sickened and deeply disturbed. How could anyone participate in this evil? How can a doctor talk about judiciously dismembering a baby to harvest its parts while sipping wine and eating a salad? How could a human being pick through the remains of a dismembered baby like she’s selecting a good cut of beef?

These videos have revealed the extent to which we individually, and corporately, have seared our consciences and become numb. I thank God that these revelations have sparked Congressional and state investigations, as well as nationwide protests. But, given the extent and nature of these abuses, there should be a massive national outcry and swift prosecution of Planned Parenthood and every person and group associated with these murderous practices. I am praying towards that end and remain hopeful.

But, the truth is, until Americans realize that a baby in its mother’s womb is a person worthy of protection and life, the slaughter of more than one-million babies a year will continue.  I truly believe abortion is the human rights issue of our day. And, as believers who know the truth, we must not remain silent, but boldly and compassionately expose this evil and call people to renounce it. About a year ago, I had the privilege of speaking about abortion and life issues to the congregation of a suburban Chicago church. — and I hope today you’ll listen and share it with those you know, so that all of us will begin valuing life the way God intended.

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