Announcing The Roys Report Extra: A Follow-up Podcast on Crusading Bloggers

By Julie Roys

Many of you have expressed that you’d like to hear more on blogging and publicly confronting sin in the church than the one hour of The Roys Report last Saturday allowed. So this week, I gathered my guests from the show once again and we recorded an extra podcast on this important topic. 

In this follow-up podcast, we explore why publishing wrongdoing is sometimes not only permissible, but biblical, and what church members should do when they see sin in leadership. We also discuss the larger evangelical community and its failure to police itself. And lastly, we talk about how the Harvest debacle has impacted each of us spiritually.  

Again, joining me are Scott Bryant and Ryan Mahoney—the authors of The Elephant’s Debt, a blog critical of Harvest Bible Chapel and its former pastor, James MacDonald—and Jessica Hockett, a former member of Harvest and popular “micro-blogger.” 

I’d love to make The Roys Report Extra a regular feature, but don’t have the money right now for studio rental and production. However, if you’d like to sponsor this podcast, please contact me using the contact tab at the top of the page. Or, if you’d like to donate towards the podcast, just click on the donate tab and after entering your first name, write “Extra.” Thanks! 



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11 thoughts on “Announcing The Roys Report Extra: A Follow-up Podcast on Crusading Bloggers”

  1. Just listened to it. Great. You were talking about mega churches and the disconnect between the leaders and congregation. Also members not getting care. I 1000% ageee it can be an issue.

    #1 members should vote. Is biblical. This is a response from 9marks on James Macdonald getting rid of it congregationalsm automatically will tie leaders into the congregation.

    #2 9 marks has a great podcast about pastoral care. If the church doesn’t have enough pastors to take care of people and they are not getting 1 on 1 spiritual care (not just physical) the church should re-evaluate what they are doing as a church! this is biblical!

  2. Susan Vonder Heide

    Very interesting podcast. The part about courage was particularly interesting. The Cowardly Lion in the old Wizard of Oz movie was a lovable figure but none of us feel good about ourselves when we fear that we might have failed to say something important, not because of legitimate concerns about recklessness, but because of a failure of courage.

  3. Can you do another episode and talk more about the aspect of this on spiritual health that you were just beginning to get into at the end? Many of us need more help in the arduous healing process. We need authors from outside the establishment writing about this.

    1. I can’t wait to tune in. Rick Thomas is publishing some good articles on spiritual abuse on his website, has publicly called SGM pastors to repentance and mentioned harvest in a recent article on this subject.

  4. Very concerned about Rick thomas. Someone needs to get involved regarding methodology. Counsel via the internet. Interacted with him personally. He’s TMS. Read awful counsel regarding abused women. People placing trust with their lives and allowing him or other counselors to have authority in their lives with limited knowledge or understanding then vomit on them with theology and responses that are borderline spiritually abusive!

    1. I have followed his teaching for almost a decade and read his articles faithfully . I think it’s subtle. But then in certain situations blatant. Needs investigation. The more I get away from spiritually abusive situations, culture, churches and my own spiritually abusive family, the clearer this all gets! I LOVE listening to you all for giving the spiritually abused validation! My heart aches for the 1000’s at Harvest and who have been influenced by JM! Gosh and yes those who r complicit, the flying monkeys!!!! So many who perpetuate the abuse covertly!

  5. Julie, hopefully you will do extra podcasts for all of your shows. An hour is inadequate as you only have a few segmented times touching on bullet point topics.

    Additionally, I’m certain callers would like to chime in with commentary. However, your guest for yesterday’s show (pro choice advocate Livi Burke) would have been challenged to answer any simple questions or provide proof for her claims. You gently tried to prod her along but to no avail demonstrating that her stance was based on feelings not the Holy Word Of God. I prayed that she was impacted herself and left changed in her viewpoint like Abby Johnson did in the movie Unplanned.

    Shaking fists at God and saying, ‘I want to do what I want to do’ and creating statistics to so call back it up, is being righteously disobedient to say the least. How God must grieve over the slaughtering of millions of babies. He knew You before He formed You in the womb. It’s personal!

    The enemy has deceived the minds labeling this tragedy as reproductive health…. my body, my choice! The blindness to not see it’s ANOTHER body in your body is a lie from the pit. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the subject, that remains true since the beginning of time.

    Thanks for all you do!

  6. Hi Julie. I made a donation to you almost 2 weeks ago and thought I was going to receive an e-book about your views on investigative reporting. I have not received any such e-book or e-mail about it. So I donated again but this time I have not seen the offer of the e-book. What gives?

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