Church Says Canadian Apologist Resigned for Sexual Sin with “Vulnerable Woman”

By Jackson Elliott
Sye Ten Bruggencate (Photo Credit:

A new statement from the church of Sye Ten Bruggencate reveals that the Canadian apologist, who recently announced his permanent departure from ministry for “moral failure,” had committed sexual sin with a “vulnerable woman.”

The church also revealed in a phone conversation with The Roys Report that Bruggencate’s confession last week happened after someone threatened to make Bruggencate’s sin public.

On the blog of Faith Presbyterian Church in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Pastor Steve Richardson and Elder Aaron Koning wrote Wednesday that Bruggencate had committed fornication with a “vulnerable woman.” They added that “following a formal complaint (with evidence) by the woman . . . the Session has begun a full and thorough investigation.” (A session is the body of elders governing a local church in the Presbyterian Church.)

The statement added that the church has suspended Bruggencate from all privileges during the church judicial process.

On March 3, Bruggencate announced on Facebook that he was leaving ministry after notifying his church of a disqualifying sin. At the time, Bruggencate did not specify what he had done.

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Today, Pastor Richardson told The Roys Report that Bruggencate’s confession happened after someone had threatened to make Bruggencate’s sin public. Richardson said this person was not the alleged victim, but someone who knew about the situation.

According to Richardson, the church received more evidence about Bruggencate’s wrongdoing from the alleged victim this past Tuesday. The woman also reportedly brought forward wrongdoing that Bruggencate’s original confession did not mention.

The pastor said that Bruggencate has admitted to a sexual relationship with the woman. He also has confirmed some of the woman’s accusations, but not all, Richardson said.

Richardson added that “the concerns from the woman are more serious than simply a broad moral failure,” but did not elaborate on what those concerns are.

Richardson said he does not see anything that suggests that what happened was against the law. Even so, he said he has suggested that the woman go to the authorities for help.

“Sye has confessed to moral failure, and that is a fairly broad category,” Richardson said. “We want to do the right thing, first of all for the complainant, and also for Sye. If we need help from outside, we will be seeking it,” he said.

Bruggencate’s apologetics Facebook page has nearly 7,000 followers. He has been a full-time apologist since 2008. In his career, he preferred “presuppositional apologetics,” which argues that without presupposing God’s existence, people can’t appeal to logic, experience, or feelings.

The Roys Report reached out to Bruggencate for comment but did not receive a response.

Jackson ElliottJackson Elliott is a Christian journalist trained at Northwestern University. He has worked at The Daily Signal, The Inlander, and The Christian Post, covering topics ranging from D.C. politics to prison ministry. His interests include the Bible, philosophy, theology, Russian literature, and Irish music.



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18 thoughts on “Church Says Canadian Apologist Resigned for Sexual Sin with “Vulnerable Woman””

  1. Mr Elliott.
    I have sincerely appreciated your skill in writing and conveying truths. I admire you.

    However, at this point, maybe create a stock form, where you fill in the blanks, with name of the person and their church affiliation. The blanks spaces can be filled in for all of the pastoral abusers dropping out of the sky like grasshoppers swarming. Might save you some time to use a form. Feels like dominos falling or somebody left the gate open and all the guilty & scared are fleeing at once.

    Just a thought. 😏

      1. hopefully churches/leaders/ministries are getting the message loud and clear that God is cleaning His house that seems to have been made into a den of immorality (Ezek 8) by the very ones who are meant to help His people flourish and thrive, who are instead exploiting God’s family(Ezek 34)…

        1. And let us not forget that in the OT God used the Assyrians to bring judgement upon Israel for their sins and rebellion. So I can see why God would use the government or God-hating atheists to bring judgement on the church for its sins and rebellion.

    1. Jennifer Eason

      Vickie Blue, it’s been a long day and I’m very tired. That’s my excuse for having taken your comment literally. I was reading along thinking, “Wooow, not a bad idea. Wait. What?”


  2. My only comment is how differently so many Christians tend to treat greed and immorality. They are both lusts that can never be satisfied. They are both very common among us, in spite of all the N.T. warnings against both. But if it is a fulfilled lust for sex the guy is normally thrown out right away, but if it is lust for money then here come all the excuses and pulled punches. Had it been nepotism, or this guy taking a 6 figure salary from donations or hiding how much he has made like so many of our celebrity “Christians” then that is not a sin! How dare you touch the anointed! So he takes three big salaries from different charities he created so who cares? So he has three expensive homes and a yacht and two jets? All of that from donations from 80 year-olds. What is the big fuss?

    None of that is what the Bible says. Greed is condemned every bit as strongly as adultery. But in the US greed is not a sin among Christians and many times sex outside marriage is not any sin for most everyone else. I am not making light of what this man did, but neither would I make light of what so many millionaire “Christian” celebrities do right out in the open with no shame.

  3. Glad that Sye’s church has taken an active and proper investigation into the allegations, applied proper church discipline, communicated the nature of the charges with Roys Report, and didn’t encourage the woman in question to not contact law enforcement. This is how a church should handle a scandal involving a very public and well known figure and applaud them for conducting this in a Biblical manner.

  4. I get to the point where I just want to play Queen’s “another one bites the dust” every time another one of these stories comes up.

    1. May I suggest “Hero” by Steve Taylor from his _Meltdown_ album? Maybe other readers have more ideas to make a real playlist? Only half kidding.

  5. You would think if there was a God, he would reward Sye for all his apologetics and helping spread his word.

  6. Fornication is one thing, but, how ‘vulnerable’ would a person have to be for the ‘authorities’ to be involved? Was said woman a child? Was she too intoxicated to consent to sexual relations? Was she under duress? And if God can use adulterers and murderers to further his kingdom, why not Sye?

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