Are Christians “Haters”?

By Julie Roys
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           Apparently, simply standing for traditional marriage now makes organizations “hate groups.”  At least, that’s the impression a soldier got during a recent training session at Camp Shelby in Mississippi.  The soldier reported that the instructor at that session told several dozen U.S. troops that the American Family Association, a respected Christian ministry, is a domestic hate group.  When asked why, the instructor reportedly said that the American Family Association “doesn’t like gays” and refers to them “as sinners.” 

Fortunately, the Army has retreated from this inflammatory stance and is claiming that the instructor got his information from an internet search, not a senior commander.  Quite likely, the instructor received the information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which repeatedly labels groups that adhere to biblical marriage as hate groups. 
Yet, the Southern Poverty Law Center isn’t alone in using this tactic. Gay lobbyists have been doing this for years.  And now, even Christians are jumping on the hate-labeling bandwagon.  In fact, the Not All Like That Christians Project openly states that it wants to make Christianity “not just for haters anymore.”  A “hater,” by their definition, is anyone who doesn’t condone homosexual behavior.
Yet, what’s underneath all this name-calling?  Certainly, it’s an attempt by gay activists to demonize the opposition.  But, it’s also the outgrowth of a false gospel that has an alternative creation, fall and redemption narrative.   Unlike Christianity, this gospel asserts that God didn’t create male and female.  We simply evolved into two sexes – and eventually may morph into more or none at all!  Similarly, suffering isn’t caused by sin; it’s caused by socially-constructed rules, or religion, that inhibit sexual freedom.  It naturally follows, then, that redemption doesn’t come through confessing and forsaking sin.  It comes through rejecting religion and embracing unbridled sexual freedom. 
This is why gay marriage has become such a priority to this culture. In essence, it offers an alternative plan of salvation – one attained by indulging the flesh, as opposed to being crucified with Christ.  But, few will argue this new plan of salvation openly.  Instead, they’ll just call those who challenge it a hater. 



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