Jonathan Lotz
In this undated photo, Jonathan Lotz stands with his mother Anne Graham Lotz on the Mt. of Olives overlooking the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. (Photo: AG Lotz / Facebook)

Billy Graham’s Grandson Jonathan Lotz in Hospital with COVID-19

By Adelle Banks

Jonathan Lotz, the grandson of evangelist Billy Graham and son of Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz, has been hospitalized and is in critical condition with COVID-19.

His mother announced her son’s illness via social media and asked for prayers for him.

“Fifty years ago I could hold my son in my arms. Now I have placed him in the arms of Jesus,” she wrote in a Sunday posting that appeared on Instagram. “I am asking you to please pray for Jonathan’s swift healing and recovery. For the glory of God’s great name. Thank you.”

Jonathan Lotz, one of three adult children of Anne Graham Lotz and the late Danny Lotz, suffered decades ago with testicular cancer. According to Forsyth Family, a magazine based in Forsyth County, North Carolina, he was diagnosed in 1998 after a routine medical appointment and was declared a cancer survivor seven years later.

His bio on his website notes that he has served on the staffs of his grandfather’s evangelistic organization, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Build the Village, a missions group in East Africa.

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An ordained minister, he has also served on the staff of a Presbyterian Church in America congregation and preached at church revivals, retreats and chapel services.

As recently as 2018, Jonathan Lotz helped manage a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Clemmons, North Carolina, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

“I get to serve and encourage people, and it’s closed on Sundays,” he told the newspaper.

When not at the restaurant, he spoke in pulpits across the Southeast.

The message on the Instagram account of Lotz, who founded AnGeL Ministries, included an image of a framed black-and-white photo of her holding her son and a more recent color photo of them standing side by side.

In a post that appeared on Facebook on the same day, Anne Graham Lotz wrote of how her son had texted her about continuing to share his faith from an intensive care unit.

“I am physically exhausted yet Spiritually overflowing!” he wrote, she said. “I am continually pouring over the Psalms of Ascent (120-134) in ICU. I have had the privilege of sharing Jesus with the ER & ICU staff! What a Savior! God is so good!”

His mother urged those who were praying for him to continue the spiritual practice.

“Pray he will not have to go on a ventilator, that his oxygen levels would increase, that his lungs will be strengthened, healed and that his health will be fully restored — with no long term complications,” she wrote. “My heart is filled with gratitude for your prayers.”

Adelle Banks is production editor and a national correspondent at Religion News Service.



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33 thoughts on “Billy Graham’s Grandson Jonathan Lotz in Hospital with COVID-19”

    1. Yes a great question. Data coming out in other countries is showing that the vaccinated are getting covid at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated. Interestingly, a friend just shared that her mother’s cancer showed up more on scans after getting the vaccine. They said they could tell she got the vaccine on the scan. She’s a medical worker and seemed alarmed by it. Not sure if this was the case with him or not but would be interested to know that as well.

        1. Frances Christenson

          Jeanine, please review the following stories. Thank you. I am really concerned with the censorhip on this topic. We need robust debate in order to find the truth. Our physical and mental health depends on it.

          Israel is considered to have among the world’s highest vaccination rates, with 5.3 million of its citizens having been inoculated with two doses, with weeks ago headlines declaring it had reached ‘herd immunity’ – only for the headlines to give way to reports of the alarming rapid rise of breakthrough cases.

          over the weekend Israeli media is reporting that “serious cases” have hit a four month high, with over 324 patients hospitalized, many of them in critical condition.

          The Times of Israel continues in its breaking report:

          The network says 11 of those infected are over the age of 60 — two of whom have now been hospitalized — while the other three got their third dose because they are immunocompromised.

          If confirmed in larger samples, the figures could cast doubt on the effectiveness of the booster shot, which Israel has started administering before major health bodies around the world have approved it.

          The Jerusalem Post has subsequently issued further details of the new ‘post booster jab’ cases as follows:

          Of the 422,326 Israelis who have so far received their third dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, 14 have so far reportedly contracted the disease in tests performed one week after the shot, N12 reported on Sunday evening.

          Of the 14 confirmed cases, 11, are over the age of 60, and 3 are younger patients who are at a greater risk due to immunosuppresive diseases. Two have so far been hospitalized.

      1. Sarah, would you please provide your source saying that vaccinated are getting Covid at a higher rate other countries.

    2. Crystal L Brooks

      Really? Why is that important? Instead of asking questions and being rude to her, why not pray for his healing?

    3. Frances Christenson

      Greg, one of the number one commorbitties for COVID hospitalization and death is obesity. Since Gluttony is a sin in the Bible can we Christians also ask if some who suffers from COVID, or dies, is obese? Shouldn’t we Christians tell our fellow believers to stop practicing gluttony and those that are obese to lose weight so they don’t suffer if they get COVID? If it is un-Christian not to take the jab isn’t it equally un-Christian to be obese and practice gluttony? If we got our members to lose weight and excercise isn’t that a good thing for Christians? In addition to asking if someone got the jab I think we should enquire if they are obese no matter their vaccine status. Being unvaccinated is not a sin but gluttony is, so which is more important in the church?

  1. God he’s this man. In Jesus name.

    Curious if he got the vaccine and which one. Might be good information to have in these instances.

  2. Jeanine Nolen

    Many people at my health club are anti-Vaxers. I go there for water physical therapy for a severe back injury. The rule is that if you are unvaccinated you need to wear a mask. The anti-vaxers there are spreading the social media hype about the vaccines and refuse to wear masks. So they are deceivers and cheaters. The facility claims they can’t do anything because of HIPPA. One woman who is a Christian told me that COVID is a plague sent by God and she will not get it because she is a Christian. Most of the vaccinated people I know will not argue with them, we are just tired of all of their shenanigans and we know nothing we say will change their minds.

    This is why I see their behavior as very anti-Christian. As a vaccinated person I may get a mild case of COVID and I may not know I have it. I may come in contact with an unvaccinated person and they contract it. Because they are not vaccinated they could be carrying a high viral load and not be seriously ill yet. They may come in contact with a vaccinated person with a compromised immune system (and there are plenty in the water therapy pool) and infect them.
    How is that behavior anything but selfish and how is that loving your neighbor?

    1. Loren J Martin

      This man is a cardiologist. If your house were having plumbing issues, would you trust your electrician’s opinion over 5 plumbers who are in agreement on how to address the problem? Or would you just dismiss them as part of the plumbing Cabal?

      1. Frances Christenson

        I hardly think comparing a cardiologist to a electrician or plumber is apples to apples. How about this, Loren, you listen or read the info and then debate the facts inside. I think that is a fair debate and it shows people are open minded about all this. Would you all agree to that rather than shooting the messenger? If you can counter the facts presented I think you can get people to listen.

  3. Loren J Martin

    My mothers neighbor was unable to be vaccinated due to cancer treatments. I don’t know why, but his wife didn’t get vaccinated either. They both caught Covid and he did not survive. I’ve read that Jonathon is a cancer survivor, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with him being able to be vaccinated or not.

    On another note, I’ve yet to see an ICU doc with experience in treating Covid patients telling anyone vaccination is unnecessary.

    1. Bob, I agree with your sentiments. They are definitely spouting propaganda and I can guess which new service they watch. Get the vaccine people.

    2. Andrew Thomas

      “Safe and effective” based on what study? FDA Emergency Use Authorization is not FDA Safety Approval. Safety studies do not end until 2023. Stop spreading your propaganda based on news reports, go to the source studies and do your own research.

        1. Andrew Thomas

          If this is true, why hasn’t the therapy been given full approval?

          Why are the safety studies not scheduled to end until 2023?

          Why was mRNA therapy abandoned for human trials in the mid 2000’s?

          You cannot claim “safe and effective” then hide behind the EUA.

          From your source:

          “Consideration of a drug for an EUA requires a finding that it is “reasonable to believe” that the drug “may be effective” “to prevent, diagnose, or treat serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions that can be caused by a [chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear] agent(s)” or to mitigate a disease or condition caused by an FDA-regulated product … used to diagnose, treat, or prevent a disease or condition caused by” such an agent.[1]

          The “may be effective” standard for EUAs provides for a lower level of evidence than the “effectiveness” standard that the FDA uses for product approvals, using a risk-benefit analysis based on “the totality of the scientific evidence available”, it is “reasonable to believe” that the product may be effective for the specified use.” -US Food and Drug Administration. January 2017. Retrieved May 14, 2020

          Notice the use of “may be effective” and “reasonable to believe” based on “the totality of the scientific evidence available”. It says “we think the benefit outweighs the risk, but we do not claim it does” that is wiggle language.

          “We think” vs “We know”, I am not putting my trust into “could be’s” and “maybe’s” from man. Per Christ we are not supposed to fear, he says it over and over again. When we fear, we trust the word of man/TV, more than we trust the word of God. We lose the ability to think for ourselves or see/call out the inconsistencies from our “leaders”.

          The EUA is a liability shield that removes any responsibility from the manufactures and places it on the consumer.

          Usually an EUA is for an established, previously formally approved medical treatment, that is repurposed for a new use. This means the treatment has been thoroughly tested for a minimum of 5 years, in animals and humans.

          You cannot create a brand new therapy, that skipped animal phase trials, has been studied in humans from Febuary 2020 – December 2020 and claim “safe and effective”.

          “An EUA had never been granted for a brand-new vaccine before; the only vaccine ever to have received an EUA prior to the current pandemic was AVA, an anthrax vaccine that had already been formally approved for other purposes when it was granted an EUA in 2005”

          1. Darren Gruett

            Andrew, most everything we do in life carries some risk, and even fully approved vaccines are not safe for everyone. You said we are not supposed to live in fear, and I agree. But you seem pretty fearful of getting this vaccine.

    3. Frances Christenson

      Bob, could you clarify what you consider propaganda? Would you also provide facts to prove it is safe and effective? I am open to hear your side. I need more specifics though. Your comments are vague.

      Can you also comment on why our government seems unconcerned about unvaccinated and COVID sick people pouring over our border? Why do they get a pass and the rest of us don’t? Itally is starting to go in the direction of only the vaxxed can vote or run for office. Would you agree or disagree with that idea? Why or why not?

      Mario Draghi prepares the atomic bomb: green pass to be able to vote–28117108/

  4. Is it a Christian’s duty to spout anti-vaccine propaganda?

    I looked through the gospels and came up with zero supporting evidence encouraging Christians to gossip, spread fear and promote anti-vaccination malarchy and conspiracy theories.

    1. Is it a Christian’s duty to spout anti-vaccine propaganda?

      It is since Anti-Vaxx became the latest Litmus Test of your Salvation.

    2. Frances Christenson

      Come on folks! Let’s stop using the Bible for vaxxed and unvaxxed views. There is nothing in the Bible about vaccines or what to do about them. Let’s stop manipulating scriptures.

  5. Stewart Sperwer

    Not getting vaccinated (except in cases where not medically advised) is, frankly, NOT loving toward one’s neighbors. It’s saying, “I care more about my health & welfare, than I do about yours.” That’s sub-Christian. (To say nothing of the fact that the vaccines are as safe as any other vaccines we take . . .)

    1. Frances Christenson

      Steward, this vaccine has caused more deaths than all other vaccines combined. This is according to VAERS which is our own government system. The data does not confirm your statements. You can check the VAERS system yourself. You can see the number of miscarriages, number of serious adverse reactions and some of those reactions are permenant. You can look at Data from UK and Israel as well. I believe their data is more accurate than ours. Please look at Seychelles. They are the most vaccinated population in the world. Please research it. Thank you.

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