A Sham to Get Votes

It’s a meaningless sham designed to get votes. So says a pro-life attorney about President Obama’s promised Executive Order that supposedly nullifies abortion funding in

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The Math of Indoctrination

Galileo believed mathematics was the language with which God wrote the universe. Rene Descartes, however, reduced math to simply the means of explaining an impersonal,

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Internet Healthcare Wars

By Julie Roys Matt Drudge and the White House are duking it out on the internet. Drudge, the creator of the conservative internet news website,

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Stealth Abortion Funding

By Julie Roys When my husband and I were in our twenties, newly married, and woefully naïve, we fell for a telemarketing scam. The caller

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American Blessings

By Julie Roys Last week, Sorth Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted to an extra-marital affair and immediately some called for his resignation. The topic also

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Life’s Not Fair!

By Julie Roys Life is not fair. That phrase was practically a mantra in my home growing up. Anytime we’d complain about difficult circumstances or

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