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Living Well – With Regrets

We’re fascinated by the regrets of people facing death. So fascinated that a blog written by a palliative nurse documenting the common regrets of the

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The Up-Side of Epic Failure

Most people go to conferences to become successful. And, it’s no different in the church world. Church leaders flock to mega-church mega-conferences, trying to glean

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The Examined Life

The unexamined life is not worth living. So said Socrates more than two-thousand years ago, but the axiom remains true today. Yet, how many of

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Would You Rent a Friend?

Would you rent a friend? It’s becoming increasingly popular. In fact, 26-hundred people reportedly pay nearly 25-dollars a month to hire friends at Rentafriend dot

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Lessons From a Slave Castle

Jesus called the Pharisees of his day “whitewashed tombs.” “You look beautiful on the outside,” he said, “but on the inside are full of dead

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