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Is There Only One Christian Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Is it wrong for Christians to consider reasons to not admit Syrian refugees? Many believe it is and are denouncing Christians who believe otherwise, especially politicians. But is it’s wrong for Christian policy-makers to consider the security risks refugees might pose and balance those with Scripture’s admonition to be welcoming?

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Christian Worldview

Facts Show The Horrific Reality of Human Trafficking

Americans tend to think of slavery as something that was abolished 150 years ago, but it’s alive and well today. Today, an estimated 20-30 million people are being sold and enslaved worldwide — some of them right under our noses. It’s a horrific reality. And, this Saturday on Up for Debate, I’ll discuss how to fight human trafficking with anti-trafficking crusaders. In the meantime, please read and share these facts and allow the magnitude of this problem sink in.

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The Importance of Good Movies

            One of the things I love about the holidays is watching movies.  Normally, my life is so packed with family, church and work responsibilities

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