Christians Jump on Animal Rights Bandwagon

By Julie Roys
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            Are killer whales people too?  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thinks they are. Recently, the group asked a federal court to grant constitutional rights to killer whales at SeaWorld, equating the whales’ captivity with slavery.  Ridiculous, right? 

            As Christians, we understand that God made people in His likeness, not whales.  Yes, we should care for animals.  But no, we don’t grant them human rights.  Yet increasingly, Christians are jumping on the animal rights bandwagon.

            Growing numbers of churches now offer so-called animal protection ministries – supporting animal food pantries and encouraging members to end “pet homelessness” and eat vegan.  The “Q” movement – involving hundreds of young, influential evangelicals –now is partnering with the Humane Society to promote animal welfare.  And today, there’s even a hymn for annual pet blessing services.  Sung to the tune of “I Sing the Mighty Power of God,” the new hymn petitions God to ensure that “all farms be humane.”

            This collusion between Christians and animal rights groups didn’t happen accidentally.  For the past several years, animal rights groups have been intensely recruiting people of faith.  In fact, the Humane Society spends 400-thousand dollars a year on its Faith Outreach Campaign, seeking – quote – “one believer at a time.”

            Christians need to be wary of these animal rights groups.  Often, they manipulate Scripture to suit their cause.  Some argue, for example, that eating meat is sinful since only after the Fall, did people eat animals.  Somehow, they miss that Jesus Himself ate fish and lamb!  Also, by unduly elevating animals, these groups necessarily devalue people.  When asked about freeing the whales at Sea World, a Humane Society marine biologist noted that whales have the cognitive sophistication of toddlers.  No wonder these groups work to free five whales, but do nothing to free the millions of people enslaved by human traffickers!  Put simply, animal rights groups wrongly believe that animals and humans have equal worth. 


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