Co-opting Holocaust: Okay for Gays, but not for Pro-lifers

By Julie Roys
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A new pro-life film comparing abortion to the Holocaust is sparking controversy. Is the comparison inappropriate – or just politically incorrect? Here’s my take… 

If you’re going to co-opt the Holocaust to promote an agenda, make sure your agenda is politically correct. You see, for years, gays have been using the Holocaust to gain sympathy for their cause and very few have objected. But recently, when Evangelist Ray Comfort produced a film likening the Holocaust to abortion, the Anti-Defamation League was up in arms! 

The league’s national director called the pro-life film “180” perverse for asserting that the Holocaust and abortion are morally equivalent. “Must the memory of the six-million and millions of other victims be continually . . . abused by those with another agenda?” he asked. But again, gay groups have been doing this for years. The number of gays killed in the Holocaust actually numbers only about one-half of one percent of total Holocaust victims. Yet, the United States Holocaust Memorial dedicates an entire online exhibit to the Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals. What about Catholic and Lutheran clergy? They were slaughtered in similar numbers during the Holocaust, yet they’re hardly even mentioned! Apparently, some groups deserve special attention, but others do not. 

But, what about innocent babies: do they deserve such attention? And, can we rightfully compare abortion – something our society condones – to the worst atrocity of the 20th Century? Absolutely! Abortion, just in the United States, has claimed 10-times the number of innocent victims as the Holocaust. Plus, it’s equally brutal. When aborted, babies, who can feel pain, are sometimes burned to death by saline solution. Or, with “dilation and evacuation,” they’re actually ripped limb by limb. (What could possibly be more morally depraved than that?”) 

But, you see, babies – like Jews in Nazi Germany – have been stripped of their personhood. They’re fetuses not humans. So, while the anti-Defamation League will grant victim status to gays, they’ll rage against pro-lifers for assigning that status to babies. But, babies are victims of a Holocaust. And, it’s time we face that truth, rather than angrily denying it. 


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1 thought on “Co-opting Holocaust: Okay for Gays, but not for Pro-lifers”

  1. Because homosexuals were identified by a pink triangle instead of a yellow Star of David, therefore gays lived through the Nazi Holocaust.

    So … why shouldn’t they object to abortion opponents co-opting the Holocaust?

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