College Students Unsure of Difference Between Men and Women

By Julie Roys
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So, if a man can identify as a woman, can he also identify as a different race, age or height? Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington exposes the absurdity and anti-realism underlying the transgender debate by interviewing college students in the following videos. He also explores whether college kids think there’s any difference between men and women — or whether gender is simply a social construct. His findings, though extremely entertaining, are also profoundly disturbing. I’ll be discussing how Christians should respond to the transgender bathroom wars today at 11 a.m. on Up For Debate.  Join me live or download the podcast afterwards!


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1 thought on “College Students Unsure of Difference Between Men and Women”

  1. I would like to see our next Intelligent Faith conference address how to bring the truth of the Gospel to young people who deny the obvious scientific truth of the physical make up. Who is addressing how to reach a culture that rejects reason and logic?

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