Couple Charged With Murder for Loving the Unlovable

By Julie Roys

What could possibly compel a couple to adopt a child who’s “not good-looking” and doesn’t share his or her “hereditary traits”?  So puzzled investigators in the Arabic nation of Qatar.  They were looking into the disturbing case of Gloria Huang – an eight-year-old girl who died suddenly and unexpectedly in her adoptive parents’ home. 

Gloria, was born in Ghana, West Africa, and was adopted by an Asian-American couple when she four years old.  Her parents, Matthew and Grace Huang, are committed Christians who also have adopted two other children from Africa.  The Huangs were in Quatar because Matthew, an engineer, was working on a infrastructure project tied to an upcoming World Cup.

I think to most Americans, especially Christians, the Huangs actions would engender respect. After all, Christ commanded us to love “to the least of these.”  Yet, in a country practically void of Christian influence, this bizarre love only made officials more suspicious.

When Gloria suddenly died, police immediately took the Huangs into custody.  Then, when an autopsy determined that Gloria had died of starvation and dehydration, the Huangs were charged with pre-meditated murder.  Officials there theorized the couple must have “bought” their African children so they could starve them and then harvest their organs. 

The Huangs, however, tell a vastly different story.  They say their daughter suffered from an eating disorder tied to the severe malnutrition she experienced in early childhood.  As a result, she would periodically refuse food for several days – then binge eat and get food from bizarre sources.  Psychologists say this behavior is common among children who have suffered severe malnutrition.

I can’t help but grieve for the Huangs, who likely are experiencing a horrible injustice.  I also grieve for the millions of orphans worldwide who, because of horror stories like this, are less likely to find adoptive homes.  Since 2004, the number of international adoptions has dropped nearly 50-percent due to rising anti-adoption sentiment among foreign officials.  Sadly, these officials can’t believe in altruistic Agape love.  Now, due to their paranoid actions, fewer children will experience this love, as well. 



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2 thoughts on “Couple Charged With Murder for Loving the Unlovable”

  1. A child dies from starvation and dehydration and the parents are not to blame? Of course not, since they happen to be Christians.

  2. Why are these children deemed unlovable? They are cute kids. Sad story, she should have gotten the child some professional help.You should not let an 8 year old starve themselves to death especially if you are a Christian. As an adoptive parent that is what I would have done. Sad for all involved.

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