(Photo Credit: Health and Freedom Conference
Thousands attend the Health and Freedom Conference (Photo Credit: Health and Freedom Conference Livestream)

Conference Mixes Worship, QAnon & Allegations of COVID-19 “Fear Porn”

By Jackson Elliott

More than 4,000 people packed an auditorium at Rhema Bible College near Tulsa, Oklahoma, last weekend for the Health and Freedom Conference—an event mixing Christian worship, promotion of QAnon, and messages decrying COVID-19  “fear porn.”

The conference was hosted by Clay Clark, a Christian businessman who recently started speaking out about rigged elections and COVID-19. According to conference organizer Aaron Antis, 50,000 people asked for tickets, but only a fraction could fit in the venue.

Leaders speaking at the conference included General Michael Flynn, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, several pro-Trump pastors, an assortment of doctors, and many others. Video of the event was livestreamed and later posted online. Many of those videos have since been removed, but not before excerpts were grabbed and posted on social media.

Speakers argued that Christianity and America are under attack by sinister forces; masks and vaccines will destroy religious freedom or control people; and to save America, people needed to “fight back.”

Clark emphasized the apparent illogic of social distancing at airports before packing into planes, and inconsistent statements of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Others pushed conspiracy theories.

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Trump lawyer Lin Wood told a cheering audience that he believed in QAnon—a conspiracy theory contending that elites, who are pedophiles and Satan-worshippers, are working to destroy America.

“(Critics are) trying to attack me because they can’t attack Q. Q is the truth! This is about the children, for God’s sakes!” said Wood.

Wood added that those behind the pedophile rings should be subject to capital punishment.

“Send them to jail. Put them in front of a firing squad,” said Wood. “They are committing acts against humanity. The penalty for an act against humanity is death. Take them out!”

Wood also argued that Trump won the 2020 election and that the Illuminati—a group of secret societies bent on establishing a New World Order—were out to destroy America.

Conference speakers also framed “religious freedom” as the right to refuse COVID vaccinations and to not wear a mask. Mistakes by authorities in managing the pandemic were ascribed to intentional malice by authorities.

“The models that said that 2.2 million people would die, those are false,” said Clay. “Intentionally false.” Clay added that reporting on the pandemic was “jack-assery” and “fear porn.”

He also contended that COVID-19 tests are falsely calibrated and that COVID-19 treatments are 100% effective. All the COVID-19 deaths are actually deaths from other diseases, he suggested, adding that “Dr. Fauci is a criminal.”

Clay bolstered these claims with information from doctors at the conference. One of the  doctors, Andrew Wakefield, was kicked off the U.K.’s medical registry for research fraud. Another, Jim Meehan, was sued for defamation by another doctor because Meehan claimed the doctor didn’t inform parents about vaccine risks.

Other pseudoscientific claims at the conference came from author Mike Adams, who has written books on a secret conspiracy plan to bring about the apocalypse.

Adams said that molecules around the world are connected by “morphic resonance,” which allows humans to transmit information psychically. He added that censorship and cell phone radiation is being used to block this “morphic resonance” and to suppress “awake, aware, enlightened people” from working together as a group.

The conference also featured a shofar blowing contest. These ancient Jewish horns traditionally announced war, the  year of Jubilee, the arrival of Shabbat, holy days and other important events.

During the conference, the audience chanted “USA!” together and offered up “a round of applause for Jesus Christ” at Clay’s request. 

The conference ended with a public mask-burning event. 

Jackson ElliottJackson Elliott is a Christian journalist trained at Northwestern University. He has worked at The Daily Signal, The Inlander, and The Christian Post, covering topics ranging from D.C. politics to prison ministry. His interests include the Bible, philosophy, theology, Russian literature, and Irish music.



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72 thoughts on “Conference Mixes Worship, QAnon & Allegations of COVID-19 “Fear Porn””

  1. No to the morphic psychic stuff.
    However, a lot of the other things are starting to seem possible. I have come full circle. There is a “New World Order” happening and there has been a lot of lies and deceit going around. It is very possible that Covid has been used to promote said New World Order!
    I do think there are pedophiles in high up positions. Look at Bill Clinton and Kamela Harris talking for national women’s day???? What?!?! There is some evil shady stuff going on people. I don’t know about QAnon specifically, but I would not be surprised at all if there was a ring of high up pedophiles!

    Stop elevating yourself above other Christians and start joining them in the Gulag. We need everyone! Accept your titles: homophobe, Bible Thumper, Jesus freak, racist, bigot, uneducated, paranoid, mentally ill, delusional, backwards, self-righteous, judgemental, sexist, toxic, priveleged, blah blah blah you know them all. They are just used to bully and neutralize TRUTH. The truth offends people!

    The internet is run by people who hate God. We are being controlled.

    My eyes are opened. The Gulags and concentration camps are being built.

    1. Oh come on – what a load of anti-Christ, Satanic bull-crap – you are spewing propaganda that simply comes out of the lower portal…

      In my 20s of I briefly starting looking into this kind of bull-squat – but quickly saw through it (Thank God!) – so…

      Grow up!!

    2. Read dean Henderson’s the grateful unrich and nephilim crown 5G apocalypse. There are things going on and the story we’ve been told isn’t all that truthful. I’ve asked why is it that since I was 18 and now 67 nothing that actually benefits our country be it from the educational industrial complex or the military industrial complex or the evangelical industrial complex seem to benefit the masses. Only specific groups of people. Healthcare or immigration or lowering the cost of college etc etc. etc. we now we see schools without any repercussions teaching about gender issues in grade school and anti white instructions. Also read Chris hedges. People that will never be on CNN or Fox News. God bless us all. Especially our children.

      1. I’d rather read my Bible, Gary. The words and example of Christ are all I need to see through the sad conspiracy theories you’re peddling here.

        1. Headless Unicorn Guy

          Problem is, a lot of those “sad conspiracy theories” use Christ as a Celebrity Endorsement and Enforcer.

  2. Hi Roy’s Report,

    I generally appreciate your articles and am grateful for the good work you do.

    I thought that mention of Rhema Bible College right at the start of this article – no matter how factually accurate as the venue – seems irresponsible, as it risks conflating the venue with the folk that the article was actually about.

    Just my opinion.

    Best wishes,


    1. You can’t really report on an event without stating where it was held. That’s standard journalism. That’s why schools should think very carefully about what events they host.

      1. Indeed. Even so. So instead of merely reporting what happened, why is the article written in such a way that shows the reporter’s bias?

      2. Hi Roys Report, thanks for your reply. I understand your point. And I’m not saying that the venue shouldn’t be mentioned.

        I understand that journalistic reporting is efficient in its words, and the way you have reported it is a very efficient way to do it.

        My simply point is just the first identity to be seen after the title. I realise that it’s not helped by the fact that the venue is also the name of an organisation, so it makes it easier to mistake the simple identifying of a venue for the lead organisation.

        My first impression – and I may be the only reader this happened to – was that the title was about the organisation / venue that I first saw identified. I had an emotional reaction to that.

        So my feedback is that this happened with me. It may happen with others. If you want to avoid that affect, you may wish to cite the venue a bit further down in similar articles.

        There is such a thing as being right and being right. You are absolutely right. I’m just offering some feedback on my experience on reading your first paragraph. Perhaps this something to reflect on for your benefit, not mine, since I know you seek to have the highest standards.

        Others have replied to state strongly or even categorically that Rhema Bible College is effectively complicit in the event. That may also be right. But I don’t think that is what you were trying to imply by your positioning of the venue / organisation in the article. If I’m correct that you were not trying to imply that association, then my feedback may still be relevant.

        I’m not seeking to win an argument. I’m simply offering feedback from my perspective to you as a ministry / service that I appreciate.

        Sincerely and with best wishes,


    2. Paul, your objection seems to be based on the assumption that Rhema is obligated to host whatever event by whoever. I believe your assumption is false and Rhema shouldn’t be surprised if their is guilt by association. If Rhema didn’t know what they were getting in for, now would be a good time to publicly distance themselves and denounce!

      1. Rhema is a chunk of the EIC – Evangelical Industrial Complex – and, in some way, a foundational piece – Hagin was HUGE 40 years ago….

        Just more evangelical, anti-Christ sewage!

    3. Are you suggesting that Rhema does not agree with and/or support the conference? Because they could easily issue a press release saying so. But they haven’t.

      Rhema co-pastor Pastor Craig Hagin was even present, as evidenced by the fact that he had to come to the podium to ask the adult conference attendees to stay out of the children’s bathrooms.


    4. Rhema did much more than just approve the use of the venue.

      “At the end of the conference, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer of Sheridan Church and Pastor Craig Hagin of Rhema Bible Church will speak before the mask burning event titled, “It’s Time To Burn Those Masks,” on the itinerary.”

      “…when we called Craig Hagin over at Rhema, the very first thing he said was yes,” said Antis (conference organizer)

      The event was also streamed via rhema.tv

    1. You’re response comforts me because it proves that I’ve said something right.

      Those who are not spiritually discerned do not see rightly.

      Thank you for proving my point.

      Be careful Christians. The wolves are amoungst the sheep. Choose your own over the popularity with a culture that hates God and hates His word. Hates His bride!

      Pastors start saying the truth and get these wolves away from the sheep! We need you to grown your spine back!!

      God will not be mocked!

      1. Let me guess you believed Mike Warnke about all the Satanist kidnapping and sacrifice groups in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s? You were an avid follower of Jack Chick and his conspiracies as well? You probably attended this superspreader event and saw all the frauds and criminals there.

        The internet is technology and all technology is neutral (IOW it can be used for either good or evil).

        As for whatever conspiracies you espouse, read up on Ockham’s Razor and Hanlon’s Razor and get a clue.

        1. Headless Unicorn Guy

          The Gospel According to Jack Chick and Hal Lindsay messed up my head back in the Seventies. Fifty years later, the damage is still there.

          And I barely missed being caught in the blast area of The Satanic Panic; I was heavily into Dungeons & Dragons at the time. Thank You Mike Warnke — YOU TOTAL FRAUD!

          Today’s QAnon is just a retread of The Satanic Panic; the new wrinkle this time around is casting Donald Trump as the Messiah/Savior Figure.

      2. There were certainly many wolves at the pagan-influenced Health and Freedom conference.
        The speaker list was filled with those who seek to fleece Christians for money and social media clicks.
        It is unfortunate that you sided with them.

    2. Hey CM thank you because I personally have been using a lesser brand and hear way to much. Off to the dollar store for Reynolds wrap and no more cheaper brands. Thank you.

  3. We read in Ephesians 6:12:

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    I believe we experience this today. And what would Christ do? He would reach out and bless the lives of those around him. He is the author of peace, not contention. This doesn’t mean we condone what we know is evil. But it does mean that we stand for good, as peaceful emissaries of Christ. Perhaps the presenters could focus on His ministry and how we can better emulate the master.

    1. I shared the article with a friend. Their response in my opinion is priceless. Acting as though I had forwarded him a Babylon Bee, as I often do, he said: Wow… Babylon bee really outdid themselves this time, the problem is, satire is supposed to be believable, not utter nonsense!

      1. Good one! It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between satire and news … even Snopes apparently thinks the Bee is real—because its stories sound plausible.

  4. I’m dissatisfied with the case made by both sides of our effectively polarized society. In that this article exposes some of the hair-brained notions of the Trumpers without addressing craziness in the official “experts,” I see it as furthering polarization rather than pulling us together as christians and as a society with substantive information. There are no sides to the truth, only to partial truth.

    The reality of a virus, that I personally had a mild case of, and my mother-in-law nearly died from, has to be accepted along with the truth about the vaccine that caused my friend to get deathly ill. Thankfully he took a turn for the better yesterday.

    Enough of the them and us dynamic! We need to cool our emotions enough to use our heads to sort through the narratives (from both sides) for facts and truth and reject unfounded, speculative conclusions.

    1. People who voted for Trump are not “Trumpers”. They are not “Christian Nationals”. We can’t have unity while foresaking the truth. The truth is that Trump was the better person to vote for. That’s the plain truth but so many Christians distanced themselves from him because they have been deceived. Our country is run by evil corrupt people on both sides but Trump was absolutely more sided with righteousness than the latter. Abortion, homosexuality, critical race theory, Isreal. It was clear. Maybe Trump is also a part of the New World Order and just as corrupt as he has been oddly pushy about the vaccines, but he was clearly the better candidate to vote for.

      The absolute truth comes from the Bible not either candidate. The Bible clearly tells us not to kill babies. It clearly tells us to support and bless His nation Isreal. It clearly tells us not to normalize homosexuality and gender confusion. It clearly tells us not to show partiality based on race or anything else. It clearly defines us as family members if we are in Christ regardless of race.

      Christians have lost power in our culture we need to accept the fact and choose weather we are willing to be marganalized or become part of the state church. We must return to the word of God and the simplicity of the gospel. Look at the person that commented on my previous post making fun of me! The wolves are running the Christian websites now. They are reading this and using it against us. Everyonee has gone full progressive and abandoned the Bible. It’s time to stop. The Bible is clear that there will be a one world system. We can’t have unity with the world. The actual sheep are few!


      1. May I ask you to consider just one things? Where in the Bible do you find this “power” of which you speak in the beginning of your last paragraph. Jesus gave us all power and authority to be his witnesses, not to have political power.

      2. Sara,

        The truth is both candidates in 2016 and 2020 were the evil of 2 lessers. But unlike you and most of the people here, I voted for neither the Giant Douche nor the Turd Sandwich in 2016 or 2020. You do not have a binary choice between candidates. You can choose neither.

        Trump is about Trump and nothing else. He says, believes, and pushes for whatever for works for him at that particular moment. Does not matter if it is inconsistent, hypocritical or illogical. Everybody (including Christians and Evangelicals) are just tools to him. To be discarded and thrown under the bus whenever it is convenient and whenever they become a liability. Just ask the creditors and contractors he defrauded.

      3. Gordon Hackman

        The notion that our only choices are Christ and conspiracy theories on one side or “full progressive” on the other is simply a false dilemma.

    2. It sounds like you are expecting one article to cover all truth. The question, seems to me, should not be whether the article is “fair and balanced,” but where the article is an accurate account of what happened at that conference. If it is, then you shouldn’t have any negative reaction to the news article itself.

  5. david schnittger

    I attended this conference. I do not appreciate the negative, dismissive characterizations your article contained, such as “pseudoscientific” and the smears thrown at some of the speakers.

    1. All you heard was Satanic, anti-Christ, anti-American sewage…. What in God’s name happened to even the least bit of discernment????

      1. If you weren’t there how can you assume David wasn’t using his discernment?

        Why are you choosing to be rude to him?

        1. Videos and transcripts of the conference clearly reveal pagan influences and the presentation of a false gospel. I have no difficultly at all saying that David is undiscerning in defending such an event.

    2. “Q is the truth”, said Lin Wood at the conference.

      No. Jesus is. If you supported a conference where a person other than the Lord Jesus Christ was exalted as “the truth”, I not only would characterize you negatively, I would question your faith.

  6. Ignorance of God’s Word is what brings this sort of nonsense. We don’t recognize even outright apostasy anymore. I don’t care what denomination you’re in or if you’re nondenominational – daily reading and thoughtful study of the Bible and prayer for the Lord to open our eyes to recognize the difference between truth and lies are our basic needs right now.

  7. Gordon Hackman

    Rhema Bible College was founded by Kenneth E. Hagin who is one of the originators and propagators of the Word of Faith movement, which is a heresy.

  8. Thanks for keeping us aware of the EIC SEWER – spewing fear/hate-mongering sewer – including advocating murder…. Sounds like they are right on message!!!

    In the event anyone thought with the ouster of the orange grifting demagogue that life would return to normal – I knew better – he was just a symptom of this rotten, anti-Christ filth.

  9. Scripture warns us over and over “do not be deceived”… so whatever is true and whatever is not, we pray for God’s Spirit to help us discern, we pray for corruption and evil to be exposed, and we pray for wisdom in how to be a part of the solution wherever there people are being abused and exploited, instead of willful blindness, or making things worse…

    Holy Father, pour out Your Spirit on us, open the eyes of our hearts to know You more, take off blinders and whatever is hindering us from walking more fully in step with Your Spirit, expose the evil deeds of darkness and the evil doers, to protect the innocent and vulnerable, and to help the poor, the needy, the oppressed, the victims so they can heal and thrive and give You the glory, both in this life and the next! In the Mighty and Powerful Name of Yeshua… You are Worthy O Lord!

  10. Headless Unicorn Guy

    “Adams said that molecules around the world are connected by “morphic resonance,” which allows humans to transmit information psychically.”

    This from the same crowd that denounced D&D, Harry Potter, and My Little Pony as WITCHCRAFT!!!

    This “morphic resonance” sounds like a very garbled version of some aspects of quantum physics called “quantum synchronization”. The type of garbled version you find on Coast to Coast AM when they have some New Age Psychic as guest. (Aside: What happened to “normal” weirdness like UFOs, ghosts, and cryptids?)

  11. Headless Unicorn Guy

    The conference also featured a shofar blowing contest. These ancient Jewish horns traditionally announced war, the year of Jubilee, the arrival of Shabbat, holy days and other important events.

    Including Stars-and-Stripes Shofars like that “Messianic Christian” that caused a splash at that Trump rally last year?

  12. Headless Unicorn Guy

    “Send them to jail. Put them in front of a firing squad,” said Wood. “They are committing acts against humanity. The penalty for an act against humanity is death. Take them out!”

    Like one of Trump’s last Executive Orders?
    I think The Anointed One in Trump Tower was just getting off on the idea of “I CAN ORDER ANYONE TAKEN OUT AND SHOT!” (And the Christians chorused “AAAAAAAA-MENNNNNN! HE IS LOOOOOOOOORD!”)

  13. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Wood also argued that Trump won the 2020 election and that the Illuminati—a group of secret societies bent on establishing a New World Order—were out to destroy America.

    Orchestrated by SATAN Himself!
    Just ask Mike Warnke!
    Or John Todd!

    (I look forward to seeing South Park‘s coverage of this Conference.
    We’ve all been living in one long South Park episode for the past five years.)

  14. Interesting gathering.

    1. Fauci is an idiot and a fool.
    2. Masks DO NOT work.
    3. There IS an irrational fear of the China virus.
    4. Q-Anon is ridiculous
    5. The election WAS stolen
    6. Resonance huh?
    7. Christianity, as well as the traditional American culture is under attack by the left.

  15. “He [God] is going to rebirth you into the spirit world and create exactly the person that he intended you to be,” Wood said, according to the media outlet. “There’s your Q.”

    The audience then began cheering and rose for a standing ovation while he continued to sound out and draw the letter.”

    So no repentance, no acknowledgement of sin, no confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. Just…Q.

    Make no mistake, this is heresy and a false doctrine of salvation, cheered by those who *claim* to be of Christ.

    How grieved the Holy Spirit must have been with their conduct, if indeed they are of Christ at all.

  16. I find reports like this particularly disturbing as I know that there are “Christian” militia groups forming now and preparing for a bloody civil war. They feed on rhetoric like this which sounds nothing at all like the Jesus i have read about in the Gospels. When “love your enemies” turns into be absolutely paranoid about them for they are out to get you, there is great reason to be concerned!. Paul told us that are weapons are not carnal. Yet conferences like these spur gun sales instead of tools of love.

    Jesus is not the focus of such things but rather the fear of man and a paranoia of God given government authorities. I grieve when people use Christ to promote things that are nor peaceful. I am very concerned that all of this will end very badly with many innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire…

  17. Don’t have to worry about outside forces destroying America. We are doing an excellent job of it ourselves, crazy Christians being what they are, of course! I think I’ll just continue to pray, go to church, read God’s word, ask the Holy Spirit to fill me with his presence, power, and protection, and continually ask Jesus take his rightful place on the throne of my life, while serving my neighbor whenever I can. Can I get an amen?

  18. In keeping with fairness to quackery of all ideologies, attendees of this conference should also be awarded an honorary medical degree from Rhema Bible College. Then they can use the title “Dr.” just as illegitimately as others like Bryan Loritts, David Jeremiah, and of course, Ravi Zacharias.

    However, likely they’ve already obtained their M.D. by one of the following methods:

    “Facebook To Award Everyone Printable Medical Degree
    April 6th, 2020

    MENLO PARK, CA—By popular demand, Facebook is awarding everyone a printable medical degree.

    Medical degrees used to be hard to get, but now, all you need to do is comment your medical opinions on Facebook. Then, you’ll automatically get a message with a link to your very own M.D. You can print it out and hang it on your wall. Then, when someone asks if you have any qualifications to back up one of your medical statements, you can just point to it and say, “Ya burnt.”

    “The biggest problem with our platform is many people comment on medical things but have no medical background,” said Mark Zuckerberg. “Now, everyone on Facebook is officially a doctor. Problem solved.”

    People hawking essential oils or Plexus products on the internet with vague statements about gut health, fitness, and wellness, will now have the credentials to back their claims up. You’ll no longer have to worry about your crazy friend who’s always posting about “Big Pharma” and all actual medical advice being a hoax — because now, he’ll be a doctor.

    Twitter is following suit, and everyone in the nation is expected to be a doctor by tomorrow morning.”


  19. Anything not of the Kingdom of God (light) belongs to the Kingdom of Satan (darkness).

    Discern yourselves accordingly when judging or commenting.

    “Many will be offended…..”

    1. But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. James 3:17

      1. What sticks out at me is how unpeaceable, unreasonable and totally lacking mercy with much hypocrisy the claims are being made by the “Be paranoid about the left and go buy your guns now crowd.” I have never been accused of being liberal by anyone, yet their shortcomings come far short of needing to start a violent rebellion against them just so a narcissist can go back to being king again.

          1. Yes, this is truly bizarre as COVID has killed millions and is truly the biggest earthshaking event of my lifetime and I have been a Christian now for half a century. How many people has the left in the U.S. killed in comparison? What is so very real is being made a joke of while what is merely imaginative speculation on what leftists want to do is hung up on a banner and proclaimed to be real. I wonder how many of the mask burners would want to have their next surgery done by doctors and nurses who burn their masks? This is utter insanity!

  20. If I had not known that this was a real conference it would have sounded like something one would read in the National Enquirer. At one time, things like this would have been considered fringe ideas, and the people who believed them would be easily dismissed as spouting lies. Yet, more and more of this is becoming mainstream and being accepted by a wider and wider audience it seems.

    But here are the things I find most disturbing about it. First, these ideas are being peddled by people who are Christians, or at least by people claiming to be Christians. We are the ones who should have the highest regard and love for the truth, not conspiracy theories or myths. Furthermore, the Bible repeatedly speaks of the importance of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Christians should be rational, thoughtful individuals, just like our Creator, who made us this way.

    Second, bringing Jesus into these things and the fact that this took place at a Bible college is blasphemous, or nearly so. It makes it sound as if the Lord approves of these ideas. It reminds me of Jacob Chansley and the others who prayed on the Senate floor after breaking into the Capitol. In reality, it misrepresents the Lord and who He is, and doing that takes His name in vain. Mr. Wood spoke about “taking out” the people behind Q. Maybe it would be good to remember that in the Old Testament, misusing God’s name was also a death penalty offense.

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