Dinesh D’Souza Resigns After Shooting Messenger

By Julie Roys

 Dinesha D’Souza (2016 Movie; “What’s So Great About Christianity”; “The Enemy at Home”) just resigned as president of The King’s College after WORLD magazine reported his indiscretions regarding a woman who is not his wife.  You can read the details in the articles below. 

I’m shocked and saddened that this great mind succumbed to the very rationalizations that have brought down so many. He writes on his blog, “I had no idea that it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced, even though in a state of separation and in divorce proceedings.”  Seriously? 

I also grieve for his family.  As a friend and colleague who’s experienced this sort of thing in his own family wrote in an e-mail, “Making a public case of indignation doesn’t affect the hardened sinner as much as it does the heartbroken victims.”  I’m sure he’s right.  Though I think WORLD had an obligation to publish the story, I’m sure that doesn’t soften the blow for D’Souza’s wife and his daughter.  Pray for them.

As might be expected, D’Souza is shooting the messenger, accusing WORLD magazine editor Marvin Olasky of carrying out a vendetta against him. He called the WORLD story “viciousness masquerading as righteousness” and an act “truly worthy of Christian condemnation.”  As far as I can tell, WORLD magazine reported fairly and accurately.  The one item in question is whether D’Souza actually shared a room with this other woman.  I wish WORLD had asked D’Souza directly about this matter.  But, it reportedly accurately what two reliable sources said and cited them accordingly.  

From my experience, guilty people and institutions shoot the messenger.  It’s happened to me numerous times in my career.  And personally, I’m incredibly grateful for WORLD magazine.  It plays a vital watchdog role in the evangelical world.  If it weren’t for WORLD, the National Assoc. of Evangelicals would probably still be taking money from the National Campaign for Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy; no one would know that Sojourners took money from George Soros; and D’Souza would still be president of King’s.  

No one likes to air dirty laundry — and no believer delights in reading it.  But, someone has to be willing to act as a prophet and expose sin.  In the end, it purifies the church.

WORLD Article that Initially Broke the Story
D’Souza’s Response
CT Article on D’Souza’s Resignation



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1 thought on “Dinesh D’Souza Resigns After Shooting Messenger”

  1. I’m a little biased because my son, Daniel Devine, writes for World.
    Our family including Daniel are always sad to see Christian leaders like this man turn away from doing what is right, but when public leaders do wrong, they need to be held accountable.

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