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  1. Thankyou for your exposition on Ravi Zacharious. Although I did not welcome ‘Ravi’s downfall ‘ and still find it difficult to accept what you and other secular and Christian writers have discovered about such a manThe biggest lesson that is learnt………..not to trust, idolise, any Minister of the Gospel. but to fix our eyes on Jesus.That
    said all Christians should walk the walk rather than talk the talk! Yes , Jesuse commanded his disciples to go into all the World and preach the Gospe but this must be accompanied with what Mark wrote in chapter 12 v 30,
    Love the Lord your God with all your HEART and with all you SOUL and with your all your MIND…………Some how Ravi’s heart was divided and his physical desires toppled his spiritual maturity.
    We all are exposed to temptation, but victory over sin is only possible when we have ‘ a closer walk with the Lord himself’ ,
    Sadly Ravi continued his deception and harmed those ladies he abused over many years.
    He had many gifts from God, a great orator, charm ,good looks and a brillaint mind.
    Unless the allegations of deception, (fraud) and sexual abuse are untrue the gifts become worthless.
    His Widow and Daughter must be devasted to receive such heartbreaking news about their Husband anf Father. We must continue to pray that their faith may not be shattered but
    they will continue to abide and receive the love and comfort of our loving heavenly Father.
    Every Blessing to you.

    Allan J.

  2. 2020 has been a challenging year especially my spiritual life. Seeing so many of pastors that I have respected going into WOKE movement, I was stunt! Than to top the year off with Ravi’s scandal, I have consciously wanted to walk away from Jesus. But God is good. He held on to me and He wouldn’t let go. I have learned from Ravi ever since I became a Christian 21 years ago. I respected him and thank God for his spiritual insights. What is so shocking to me was that he kept this secret for so long. I feel cheated! – Gen 50:20. We have great God and He governs His world according to His will! Praying for all who has been affected by this.

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