Election Perspective

By Julie Roys

            I once heard a pastor say, “I’m going evangelize like an Arminian and worship like a Calvinist.”  By this, he meant he’s going to evangelize like peoples’ salvation depends on him.  But, he’s going to worship with the full awareness that all of us would be headed for hell had God not sovereignly intervened to save us.
            In a way, that’s how I’m approaching this election.  As someone who supports life, biblical marriage, religious freedom and small government, I care deeply about who wins.  I’ve donated to a campaign; discussed issues with friends; and prayed regularly for God to guide and bless our nation.  In a way, I’ve politicked like an Arminian – doing all I can to elect candidates who support Christian values. 
            At the same time, I recognize God is sovereign.  Ultimately, He oversees election outcomes – sometimes exercising judgment on nations, and at other times, mercy.  But, God will accomplish His purposes regardless of who’s in power.  In fact, the Scriptures say, “the king’s heart is a stream of water” that God channels as He wishes.  So, we pray; we work; we vote according to our conscience – but then we trust God to work whatever the result.
            Election cycles often cause us Christians to lose this perspective.  We’re tempted to feel all is lost if our candidate loses – and too much is gained if our candidate wins.  As author and Professor Anthony Bradley recently wrote, “It seems that Christians, progressive and conservative alike, may be expecting more from politics than politics can deliver.”  Politicians can stem moral decay by supporting laws and policies that encourage morality and personal responsibility.  But ultimately, politicians follow the will of the people.  And, until the will of America’s electorate reflects the will of God, our nation will continue to decline. 

            Don’t get me wrong.  I believe this election is critically important.  But, it’s not supremely important.  And, though I think we Christians should work like the outcome depends on us, we must understand that ultimately it does not.  God is in control – and He holds our future.


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2 thoughts on “Election Perspective”

  1. Thank you Julie for putting things in proper perspective as you almost always do. I knew this in my heart, but it is good to be reminded.

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