Eric Metaxas
Eric Metaxas broadcasts his show on Nov. 24, 2020. (YouTube video screengrab)

Eric Metaxas Sued for Defamation Over Claims of Voter Fraud

By Jackson Elliott

Popular Christian radio host Eric Metaxas has been named in a defamation lawsuit for statements Metaxas made concerning voter fraud and Dominion Voting Systems.

The lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems Vice President Eric Coomer accuses several groups of spreading false claims of voter fraud. These resulted in threats of violence to Coomer’s company and Coomer, the suit claims.

Besides Metaxas, the accused include the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, One America News Network and other groups, which made similar claims.

The lawsuit was first released in December, but modified this week.

“Coomer is the Dominion employee who has taken the brunt of these attacks,” the lawsuit states. “He was forced to flee his home in response to the credible threats he has been receiving and continues to receive. He has had to sever ties with friends and family members to stay in seclusion.”

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Eric Metaxas hosted businessman Joe Oltmann, another individual the lawsuit named, on his radio talk show and YouTube channel on November 24.

According to the lawsuit, Oltmann claimed on Metaxas’ show that Oltmann had infiltrated an Antifa conference call, and that during the call, one of the speakers said: “Don’t worry about the election, Trump is not gonna win. I made f—ing sure of that.”

Oltmann reportedly told Metaxas that one of the people on the call was referred to as both “Eric” and “the Dominion guy.” The lawsuit states that Oltmann concluded from that information that Eric Coomer was on the call. However, the suit alleges that Oltmann never contacted Coomer.

Metaxas also made some strong statements about Dominion on his radio show. “This is everybody’s worst nightmare of deep state, George Soros,” Metaxas said. He added that Dominion “is operating all around the globe in elections” and “got started in Venezuela.”

Metaxas reportedly published Oltmann’s claims to his approximately 185,000 YouTube subscribers. He also published additional promotions of the interview on his Twitter page, making more allegations of election fraud.

Dominion’s website states that it has no ties to partisan political officials or their families. The organization was founded in Canada, not Venezuela, according to Bloomberg.

The lawsuit states that Coomer has sometimes criticized former President Donald Trump on his Facebook page, but adds, “Criticism does not denote conspiracy or fraud.”

The suit further states: “Metaxas also had no credible evidence that an ‘Antifa conference call’ actually happened; that Dr. Coomer was present on the call; that the comments attributed to Dr. Coomer were actually spoken; and that the alleged election fraud actually occurred,” the lawsuit states.

Metaxas also posted a video of Coomer on his YouTube Channel. In the video, Coomer explains Dominion’s voting system that allows state adjudicators to interpret ballots that machines can’t read. 

Metaxas has increasingly been embroiled in controversy related to politics over the past several months.

On Sept. 3 of 2020, Metaxas punched a protester who biked past him while yelling “F— Trump,” after attending the Republican National Convention. Metaxas claimed the protestor attempted to intimidate him by rushing at him on his bike and that he acted in self-defense. The protester said he gave Metaxas no reason to attack him.

Metaxas also took part in the Dec. 15 Jericho March on Washington D.C. alongside thousands of Christians alleging election fraud. At the march, he introduced far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as his friend.

“When God gives you a vision, you don’t need to know anything else,” Metaxas said at the event.

Coomer says the claims about him have devastated him both personally and professionally. He is seeking damages to his reputation and livelihood and, if he prevails, punitive damages.

Jackson Elliott

Jackson Elliott is a Christian journalist trained at Northwestern University. He has worked at The Daily Signal, The Inlander, and The Christian Post, covering topics ranging from D.C. politics to prison ministry. His interests include the Bible, philosophy, theology, Russian literature, and Irish music.


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27 thoughts on “Eric Metaxas Sued for Defamation Over Claims of Voter Fraud”

  1. What’s wrong w Christians getting in bed w a political party to the detriment of the gospel? Jesus often spoke against the evil Roman occupatio & advocated insurrection – lol

    1. Lol indeed. I’ve got a litany of these DOMINIONIST Christians now to avoid. Kinda makes it easier, doncha think? The deception is strong these days! (When Metaxas had Wallnau on and called him his longtime dear friend, I was like oh-wow-ok-now-it’s-Bizarro-World.)

      1. Metaxas is deeply embedded in the “Christian Industrial Complex”. He’s part of the back scratching, good ole boy book, radio, TV, podcast, concert, etc promotional tour. “Leaving the White House in August 2020, Metaxas punched an unarmed protester in the back of the head”. WWJD?? – lol

  2. Not wise for a guy in the voting machine business to express partisan political opinions on social media. What is wrong with people?

  3. I voted in Georgia. I had hand surgery and needed assistance filling out the qualifying information to vote. I was assisted by a poll worker. She filled out my information incorrectly with gross errors. I caught the errors and corrected them. This information was used to substantiate my participation in the vote as the primary registration record. So, guess what? Mistakes were likely made in other ballots and never caught.

  4. If the FBI had exercised a fraction of the investigative energy it did over the first three years of President Trump’s presidency in investigating anyone in the White House that breathed, by collecting evidence and looking at the voting in the key handful of counties where fraud was alleged, the air would have already been cleared.

    Imagine if the allegation had been that Black votes were not counted in some county. The FBI would have swept in with an army of agents to investigate, like they did at NASCAR when a garage handle was repaired with a loop of rope that a Black driver mistook for a noose.

    This will be a civil suit, so it will be interesting. The standard of assessing evidence is lower, probable cause (51% likely) rather than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” in the criminal courts. This may actually allow some of the allegations to be aired in a way that an investigation might do. I fear that the end result will be twenty years from now Socialist historians will be telling us that there was fraud and maybe even that Biden is a crook, but then it won’t matter, the results will have benefited the Democrats. It will all be academic.

    Brazil, a country of similar size and population to the U.S., albeit a much poorer country than the U.S., counts all the votes in national elections on election night. Throughout Europe, voters must vote in person. They held the line on this even during covid. The use of absentee ballots is almost non-existent, and for almost all of Europe absentee ballots from citizens abroad are not permitted. They do not have the circus that the U.S. has with votes counted after election day, more people voting than are registered, etc. Amazon recently filed suit against a union effort to vote by mail-in ballot, alleging mail-in ballots are more prone to fraud and that voters can be intimidated or manipulated by others.

    1. The mail in votes could have been processed beforehand in several states by the Republican state legislatures would not allow it. Republicans are constantly trying to limit the access to voting because they cannot win without voter suppression techniques. Republicans will do anything to expand their base by embracing Qanon crazies, white supremacists, evangelical fundamental christians, militia terrorist groups, etc…

      1. Apparently people like Metaxas overlooks the concept of Occam’s Razor in the name of defending his Orange Dear Leader and supporting all kinds of wild conspiracy theories.

  5. How dare anyone question the results of a very suspect election?!? Just accept what the Party tells you here in Communist China! No, wait . . .

  6. Metaxas should have stuck to writing Veggie Tales. His turn over the past 10 years into authoritarian politics and conspiracy theories is disgusting. There are legitimate concerns about the Election affecting handfuls of votes here and there, but the sort of ludicrous conspiracy theories that Metaxas has promoted go far beyond the legitimate and into the realm of lies from Hell. I hope he is held accountable for his public and blatant bearing of false witness against a legitimate technology company and against public servants from both parties who dutifully and properly counted votes.
    He has sold his integrity to get on the Trump gravy train, but that train ran off the rails a while ago.

      1. Metaxas did a fair amount of writing for Veggie Tales back in the day, but you are right that Vischer was the main creator of the series.
        And yes, as far as I know Vischer is not a Trump-worshipping conspiracy-mongering wacko like Metaxas.

    1. On Warren Throckmorton’s blog, he has a post where former Kings College President Gregory Thornbury tries to humorously answer that question:
      The whole interview with Thornbury, covering Metaxas and more, is worth a listen:

      I think one turning point might have been his Bonhoeffer biography, where he sacrificed scholarship and integrity in order to make Bonhoeffer appear like a modern politically conservative American Evangelical.

  7. What happened to Metaxas? Nothing happened to him, but something awful happened to the readers. They are no longer capable to sort propaganda from reporting. Mr. Metaxas has became the target of the liberal mob, for saying the right things in a time when good is called evil and evil good. The author of this article is no Christian journalist, He is a Marxist ideolog who is doing the discrediting of a Christian soldier by perverting information, by omitting to give full information of facts, by slanting the presentation of information, etc.. I’m sorry to see that Julie is choosing such articles for her blog. And I’m amazed so many readers are incapable of discerning the reality, but sing praises to the leftist wing of journalists and politicians. Daniel Chiu

    1. Really? You’re doing a ton of name calling and insulting, but have offered zero proof on anything. Readers … (in)capable to sort propaganda from reporting”? Metaxas as a “target of the liberal mob for saying the right things …”? “Author … is no Christian journalist”? “Marxist ideolog”? “Discrediting of a Christian soldier”?

      No doubt you’re angry that people are exposing things about Metaxas. And you might be a loyal, rabid fan of his (along with the entire MAGA/GOP, super-right-SBC organizations). Fine. But you’re going to have to realize that this exposure of Metaxas’ behavior and words is reality. And, to flat-out accuse someone of not being a Christian with no proof is so wrong of you! So please put down that pitcher of wild-mind punch you’ve been sipping. Apparently, Metaxas gulped a couple of gallons of that before his downward spiral.

    1. Ask the Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach Donald Trump how their fight against the cancel culture being waged against them for that vote is going…

      Metaxas has his own radio show. No threat to cancellation there. However, he doesn’t have the absolute right to defame people and businesses with lies and unfounded conspiracy theories. He will get his day in court (though he would be wise to settle first), so there is no cancellation involved.

  8. “At the march, Metaxas introduced far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as his friend & said: When God gives you a vision, you don’t need to know anything else,”.

    WOW! When nutjob Alex Jones is your friend & U get visions from god that supersede scripture that’s the definition of heresy…

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